LoL Pro Tips: How to get good at League of Legends Fast

Like any game, LoL (League of Legends) can be frustrating to every new player for a number of reasons: not understand the game, be oblivious stress target, unable to progress and so on. Trying boosters from a reliable site such as elo boost can help.. Here are some tips to improve your performance and play well in LoL (League of Legends) even though it’s starting.

LoL Pro Tips: How to get good at League of Legends Fast

1. Set your route in the game

The main way to get started within the League of Legends universe is to know what your position is and what to do. Besides the three phases of routes: top, middle and bottom, there is the jungle for the hunter. If you still do not understand anything, continue on this link.

There is no rule that defines how many players are on each route.

But usually:

  • At the top: Two players face each other, forcing the first tower to fall;
  • In the jungle: The hunters clear the jungle and try to help other routes to gain the advantage in the game, with ganks, damage towers and epic objectives (dragons and herald);
  • In the middle: Two players face each other. On this route they should also watch for the top and bottom route rotations, appearing in one to help others when possible.
  • At the bottom: Four players face each other; usually two shooters and two props.

LoL map

The upper, middle and lower routes on the Summoners Rift map

Remember that LoL is a team game, requires you to work and communicate with the rest of the team to succeed. It’s no use strolling the map without knowing what to do, if you want boosting in lol, you should have your goals clear in mind.

2. Know Your Role

The champions are divided into classes, understanding the function of each class can improve their performance during the route phase and even the team fights.

The five general classes are:

  • Tanks: Make the front line in a fight, applying group controls, protecting or dealing damage to enemies;
  • Fighters: Enter the middle of the fight, melee, without fear. They do more damage than the Tanks, but they do not have as much resistance as they do. Still, they are “in the eye of the hurricane”;
  • Assassins: They also have melee attacks, but they are fragile. Your skills kit gives them enough mobility to get into the fight at the right time and get out of it when “duty is fulfilled”;
  • Mages: You do not need much description; it’s the champions who use the skill set to deal magical damage;
  • Supporters: Usually the champions with a lot of group control, able to create plays, stop an enemy advance, grant bonuses and protect allies or apply negative effects to enemies;
  • Shooters: Champions whose main source of damage is the basic ranged attack.

Knowing each class clarifies the role of each champion in a game, this defines their positioning and acting in a fight. On the League of Legends website, you can check the class of each champion by clicking on it. Dozens of them, click “Explore.”

3. Always have map view


As Braum says, “vision is the key to victory.”

Placing wards at key points on the map can give you an advantage, either to catch an isolated target or to exit a hunter’s ambushes and ganks.

With vision, you get to know where the enemy team is and use that to secure other targets like towers and dragons, for example.

There is no point in having sentries positioned if you do not have the habit of looking at the minimap. The feature lets you see which enemy players are visible and where exactly they are. Pay attention to the minimap and know when it’s time to move forward or backward. If you find yourself stuck at some level, there is lol boost available that can help you clear that level.

4. Use alerts to help your team (pings)

In addition to vision, communication between players is also critical.

The League of Legends has a system of alerts (pings) that lets you tell the team, from an icon and a beep, what is happening.

There are signs for:

  • Ask for help;
  • Inform you that you are on the way;
  • Ask to retreat;
  • Report missing enemies in an area;
  • Inform that there is a sentinel in an area.


In the default settings, the shortcut can be triggered by holding the ALT key and the right mouse button. But you can also set other custom keyboard shortcuts.

5. Do not miss out on a farm, kill the minions

Minions are the primary source of resources in a match. Ensuring as many troops as possible can create an advantage for you and accelerate your itemization process even if the fight against your opponent is bad for you (if it has more damage).

Avoid letting the troops die to the tower, otherwise you will not guarantee their gold. Focus on farmariness before going up to the enemy. Here’s another tip: Always try to trade when your troop numbers are higher, so they’ll help you in a one-on-one confrontation.

Pushing the troops to the enemy tower weakens it, making the goal takedown easier. So, as it favors the opportunity for you to appear on other routes, since your opponent will be busy clearing the minions.

6. For champions: read, watch, practice!

League of Legends has more than 140 champions with unique skills and mechanics. It takes a lot of time to be good to everyone. But it is not difficult to specialize in a class.

Know your style of play, choose some “favorite” champions, but remember to vary, otherwise the enemy may choose some that will have advantages over yours.

Read about the champion and the skills he has, about each effect they give their champion or apply to the enemy.

YouTube is packed with tips on how to play with champions, watch some videos. See also the professional matches – in them the narrators point out some mistakes of what could be better, for example.

Finally, practice: in LoL there is a training mode that allows you to test the champion’s skills without reloading time. Test the range, damage scaling, jumps on walls, ambush tactics, and so on, until it improves.

7. Patience

Just like anything else, LoL demands dedication to perfect itself.

But mostly, patience.

It’s no use getting stressed out and frustrated with an event that went wrong on the part of you or a player on your team. Relax and do not discourage chatting or excessive pings. To play well requires a lot of calm and time, but know when it is time to take a break in the game to not lose the neurons.

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