How to get magic cube in Free Fire

Winning the magic cube in Free Fire, one of the most coveted items in the game, is no easy task. It contains packages of past event skins, which cannot be purchased otherwise. Here’s how to win magic cube in Free Fire below.

How to get magic cube in Free Fire

Which is?

The Magic Cube is an item that contains exclusive Free Fire skins packs, available for limited time events that can no longer be purchased. It is one of the most desired items by collectors who have lost rare skins.

Being a rare and very valuable item, getting a magic cube is not that simple and obviously Garena limits it to free distribution, with very few exceptions.

How to win magic cube in Free Fire

There are a few ways to earn magic cube in Free Fire. Let’s go to them:

1. Diamond Royale Roulette

The simplest – but costly – way is through Diamond Royale roulette, which can only be spun by spending diamonds or diamond tickets. Free Fire hardly distributes diamonds within the game, you need to open your wallet and buy some or use apps that earn credit to your Google Play ( Android ) or App Store (iPhone) account.

In Diamond Royale roulette, you can win unique skins, magic cubes or cube fragments. By joining 100 fragments, you can exchange them for a cube.

You can use apps like Whaff ( ) or Google Opinion Rewards (, ) to earn credits on your wallet, so you can buy diamonds to spin the Diamond Royale roulette. Diamond tickets can be earned by completing Free Pass or Elite Pass missions, which offer more units for players to purchase.

2. Limited Events

Another way to get the magic cube is through limited duration events, which often give away rare items. For example, the magic cube was randomly distributed as a match reward during the “Back to School” event (July 2019).

Already during the “Designing the Cube” event (August / September 2019), players could earn a magic cube, among other rewards, if they could draw a cube using only a single stroke. Keep an eye on the events.

3. Elite Pass

Finally, another way to get cubes and shards is by buying the Elite Pass and evolving to get your rewards. However, prizes may vary from season to season: the 16th season pass (September 2019) offered a cube, while the current “Damn Treasure” (December 2019) only contains fragments.

Stay tuned for the rewards of each Elite Pass, which often change a lot.

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