What is a refueling point in Free Fire?

The Garena Free Fire refueling point is a player-only supply box that can easily be found on the map, provided a Treasure Map is still used aboard the plane. Here’s what it is and how to find it.What is a refueling point in Free Fire

What is a refueling point in Garena Free Fire?

The refueling point is a box full of equipment that needs to be activated while still on the plane when using the Treasure Map. That’s why a lot of people call the refueling point Treasure Chest. This chest is personal to each player and only you can see your box on the map and never the others.

To access it, you must have at least one Treasury Map in the inventory of goods, which must be purchased at the store and equipped, as well as the fire pit and the airdrop. Using a Treasure Chest early in the game can give you great advantages as it contains weapons, vests, helmets and other items.

Here’s how to find the refueling point in Free Fire:

  1. With Free Fire open, tap the “Goods” icon;
  2. Select the Treasure Map and close the window;
  3. Start a game in the game mode of your choice;
  4. Once your character is on the plane, tap the Treasure Map icon that will appear on the screen;
  5. By doing so, the location of the reorder point will be marked on the map;
  6. Go to the indicated location and you will find the chest, just open it and collect the items.

That simple.

Just keep in mind that opening refueling points in Free Fire is one of the Elite Pass missions, so you must purchase Treasure Maps (at least 20 of them) and find the chests. Just keep in mind that the map can only be activated while you are on board, before jumping and actually starting to play.

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