How To Get The Best Dedicated Proxies

Looking for the best dedicated proxies? Whether you are running a business or you just need it for personal use, proxy can offer users with tons of benefits in terms of accessing different websites. Its benefits are not to be taken for granted especially that it can provide ease and satisfaction in using different functions of the internet.

Because of its growing demand, more and more providers are offering users with such service. The options on who to hire becomes wide, thus people decide very carefully to ensure that the one they will hire is actually the best in the industry.

To help you get started choosing who among the providers to consider, read on the guidelines you can use below.

Guidelines To Follow In Ensuring That The Proxy Provider You Will Get Is The Best In The Industry

Here are some of the things you may want to look at when choosing a proxy provider:


This is one of the things you have to look into closely when getting service from a proxy provider. This does not mean you are getting the cheapest in the market, but getting service from a provider that offers quality proxy server at a good cost.

Just to let you know, too cheap price may not be the most ideal. As basically, this kind of service is a bit pricey than its counterparts.


What is the overall reputation of the provider? Are they known to provide quality service to their clients or are there too many complaints about them? Their reputation speaks a lot about your expectations.

Their reputation can be based on feedback from their previous and current customers and/or reviews from different review sites. Best proxies reviewed by reputable review sites are best to consider as they provide information without bias.

Number of years they are providing proxy

How long have they been providing such service? The longer they are in the industry, the better. As previously discussed, the number of proxy providers continuously increase, and if they are not doing well in this industry, it is very easy for them to be replaced. If they were able to stand the tight marketing competition, then that only means they are really good.

The number of years they are in service can be searched online or you can get the information directly from their website.

Money back guarantee

One of the things you also have to consider is whether they are providing money back guarantee or not. If they are, then that only means they are confident with the kind of service they provide. Also, this will limit you from wasting any money in the event that you are not satisfied with their service.

Just to add, it is best if you know their money back guarantee policy so you won’t get disheartened in case you are disqualified with this option.

They are highly recommended by your peers

Another factor to consider when looking for a proxy provider is whether they are recommended or not by your peers. Are your peers happy with the kind of service they receive from the provider, if not, you may still want to dig deep and know the reason of disappointment.

Their recommendations should count big time as for sure, they will tell you information based on facts and their experience.

Let you opt out when needed

In the event that you are not satisfied with the service you receive from them or you completely do not need their service any more, is there are an option for you to opt out? Opting out from a service that you do not need will help you get secured with your finances and will assure you that you will not force yourself for paying anything that you do not need any more.

Has an easy to follow instruction to use

How easy it is to use their proxy? The instruction should be provided onset of using the proxy. Most of the time it is provided once you start using the app or before you make a final purchase, someone will provide you instructions on how to use it.

You sure would not want to have a hard time using this service or figuring out how will this work. If this is used for business, using it easily and smoothly is a must.

Has an available customer service to contact when needed

Is there someone you can speak with if issues arises while using the proxy? What mediums of communication they offer their clients? Do they have chat support, email, contact number, mailbox, physical address, etc.? The more ways you can reach them, the better. Their customer service support team should be willing to provide assistance even after sale.