How to Hide Conversations on Messenger

When you connect to Facebook with your Android smartphone or iPhone, you usually do not put a password because the account is already connected, which is why you should hide conversations on Messenger.

Since anyone could spy on you without knowing it by picking up your phone, to protect your messages and to communicate the secrets with the most important contacts, I suggest you hide conversations on Messenger using the storage mechanism( Archive ).

Let’s have a look:

How to Hide Conversations on Messenger: Complete Guide for iPhone and Android

Requirements and specifications

  • it is recommended to update Facebook Messenger to the latest version available on the App Store or Google Play
  • in the same way, you can also hide groups

Hiding Conversations on Messenger: Use the Facebook Archive with Android

  1. Open Messenger and choose the chat to make disappear
  2. Hold your finger on the conversation to bring up a number of options
  3. Press on the Archive command  to move the chat to the Facebook archive
  4. End!

Hiding Conversations on Messenger: Use the Facebook Archive with iPhone

  1. Open Facebook Messenger and choose the conversation to hide
  2. Making a motion swipe from right to left to unlock options and then click on More
  3. An interactive menu will appear. Tap on Archive to archive the chat.
  4. Done!


  • After the swipe movement, to insert the chat in the archive on  iOS you could also press on Delete and then on Archive Conversation

As you can see, to hide conversations on Messenger you only need to archive them. After that, the system will automatically move the active chat to a hidden section that is not accessible from mobile.

It will seem strange to you, but with this trick, you will prevent many people from spying on you, because while having access to your account, they will never be able to discover the hidden conversations in the archive until they use a PC.

Alternatively, to protect your privacy you could also decide to hide Facebook Messenger in certain situations.

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