How to hide your Instagram Stories

Do not you want some of your followers see your stories on Instagram or do you want to hide those from a user who is following you? Here’s how to do it.

Instagram Stories is a great tool to share your moments, but what if you do not want everyone to see what you’ve posted? The extreme solution is to set the private profile, so that only those who follow you can watch your stories. Alternatively, the app offers a softer but equally effective option: the ability to hide Stories from specific followers. Here’s how to do it.

How to hide Stories on Instagram

Note: hiding a story is not the same as blocking a person. Users who are hiding the story continue to see your profile and posts. There are 3 methods to exclude specific users from viewing your stories.

1) Open the list of people who viewed your story and click on  next to the name of the user from you want to hide it, then tap “Hide the story at @username”.

2) Go to the profile of this person and click on  at the top right and choose Hide your story.

3) Go to your profile, click on the icon of the three horizontal bars at the top right and then on Settings. Go to Settings> Story controls > Hide story from … From here you can select multiple people at once. It is therefore the fastest way to hide stories and live video from a group of followers.

Alternatively you can always block someone: the block on Instagram implies that the blocked person does not see what we publish (photos, videos, stories), he can not find our name in the search bar and can not leave comments under our posts. The blocked user will disappear from our feed and even if we wanted to, we could not interact with him in any way.

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