Best and safe Methods to redeem Google Opinion Reward Points into cash

Most of us are familiar with Google Opinion Rewards. It is an app developed by Google which is compatible with both Android and iOS. Users of Google Opinion Rewards can earn reward points after the successful completion of each survey provided by Google. But the point concerned with this is, How to convert Google Opinion Reward Points into cash. Let’s see…

It is possible to use the reward points to purchase apps/movies/books or inApp-purchases from google play. There is already an option given in the interface to spend it on google play, you can simply tap on it and spend your earned rewards for the apps you like.

Even though the rewards can be used for many useful purposes you may still feel that it will be great if you can withdraw the rewards into real money. Unfortunately, there is no inbuilt mechanism to fulfill the wish. Google lets the users only to use the rewards for spending on google play.

So it is crystal clear that you cannot withdraw google opinion reward points directly into real cash officially. So our objective is to experiment with different methods to find the perfect one which is best fit to fulfill our desire.

Google opinion reward points may be withdrawn as real money by successfully finding any of the genuine methods. We are going to start our journey through the different methods.

Method 1: Create Your Own App to Redeem [More Reliable]

By creating an app which can be deployed over the google play with some inApp purchases can help you to convert Google opinion reward points into real money. Let’s see how this method works.

First, you have to create an app with inApp purchases, then publish it on google play. After that buy your own stuff by using the google play balance. So you will get the money directly into your bank account after deducting some transaction charges by google.

Feeling crazy??? Do you think this method is for you? most of the people will surely don’t like the method even if it is more reliable than any of the methods which are going to be discussed. But we have to go through any path which is best to fulfill our desire. If there is no inbuilt mechanisms then we should try to make it.

Method 2: Use any of the Third Party Apps [Less Reliable]

Using third-party apps includes risk. There are lots of apps available on play store which can be used to convert the google opinion reward points to real cash. But the most important thing that should be considered is how genuine the app is.

If you are willing to take the risk then you can go with this method, certainty is not guaranteed. You may even lose your points and it is not sure that you will get the money. But without taking risks nothing good can be done in the world.

We can try all methods until our wish is satisfied. You will get only 50% of the points as real money when you use any third party apps. I will suggest Redeem Rewards App to convert your easily earned google opinion reward points to real cash. It has more positive reviews as compared to the other apps.

To make a thing done without official support, we must have to face some challenges. If we fulfill our wish by overcoming the challenges then it can be considered as our massive success.

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