How to get more Instagram followers

After reading our Instagram guide – Download you have provided to download on your smartphone the famous app for photography, edit to post photos and you immediately began to give you crazy joy by sharing all your shots.

With the passing of the days, you have noticed that contrary to your expectations and even with a little disappointment the number of followers does not tend to increase or that this happens very slowly.

How do you say? Things are exactly this way and would you like to understand if there is a system to increase followers on Instagram? Well, know that the answer is affirmative and that even in this case you can count on us.

In the following lines, we will go to show you all a series of useful “tricks” thanks to which you can increase the followers on Instagram in a simple and, in most cases, even fast.

Before you will misunderstand our words, we would like to clarify right away that those we are about to provide you are suggestions that should allow you to conquer a good number of followers.

But that still allow you to achieve the desired results only and only starting from assuming that the photos you have taken are inviting and that there is a good deal of effort on your part.

That said if you are so interested in finding out what you can do to try to increase the followers on Instagram we suggest you get comfortable, grab your smartphone, start the app Instagram and focus carefully on reading our directions.

We are sure that in the end, you will be able to tell you more than satisfied and that if necessary you will also be very willing to tell your most trusted friends the techniques you learned with this guide. Let it bet?

Take beautiful photos

It may seem trivial but it is so: to increase the followers on Instagram is first necessary to take good pictures or at least commit to being so.

When you take a photo to share through Instagram then try to focus on choosing the right subjects and the most correct angles and make sure that what you photograph is visible or at least is able to attract the gaze of others.

In order to succeed “in the enterprise”, it is not necessary to be professional photographers or even scientists, in most cases, it is all a matter of eye and intuition.

Post regularly

To increase followers on Instagram it is compulsory to post regularly on Instagram. The more activeness you will show the more followers you will get.

In a nutshell, do not post burst photos and/or do not go away from Instagram for long periods of time but try to identify the times in which your audience guarantees the greatest degree of interaction and arrange to post your photos at regular time intervals.

Then try to understand who really like your photos and who do not. You will see that by doing so within a short time you will be able to achieve good results.

Assuming that each account is a story in itself and you must, therefore, be able to identify what is the most congenial solution to your needs.

But remember never to post more than 4 photos a day and to pass at least 4 – 5 hours between shots. If you need more details about how to publish photos on Instagram you can also consult our guide on how to post photos on Instagram.

Use the appropriate hashtags

Another suggestion that we want to give you to allow you to increase the followers on Instagram is to resort to the use of hashtags suitable and relevant to your shots and at the same time are popular among users.

To find out what are the most popular hashtags of the moment you can click here to access the Websta website that shows you what are the 100 most used hashtags on Instagram in real time. The service is totally free and no registration is required to be used. Alternatively, if Websta is not to your liking, you can click here to refer to Top Hashtag, another website from the operation similar to the one we mentioned earlier.

Keep in mind that most of the hashtags listed on the Internet sites that we have just suggested are in English but considering that your photos posted through the famous app are seen by an audience, so to speak, the international thing does not hurt.

Taking into account this fact to be able to increase the followers on Instagram we suggest you not only to carefully select the hashtags to use but also to include those in foreign languages.

Another recommendation that we make is to not use “too many” hashtags for each photo. Limited to insert a maximum of a dozen by carefully selecting them, they should be more than enough!

Use the right filters

Another good suggestion that can allow you to increase the followers on Instagram is to choose carefully and accurately the right filters to apply to your photos making sure that these make your shots even more inviting and selecting those most appreciated by the rest of the community.

Use a filter that enhances your shot and makes it even more appealing to the eyes of others contributes to increasing the number of “followers”.

On the other hand, if you apply filters to your photos that tend not to exalt the details or in any case not to focus the attention of others, you risk losing easily the potential followers, keep in mind.

Personally, we suggest you to choose the filters to be applied to your shots based on common sense and what is your personal taste but if you think it appropriate you can do a quick search on Google to find out which ones are most appreciated.

Alternatively, you can contact the Internet sites that we have reported in the previous lines, talking about the hashtags, to find out which are the most popular filters of the moment.

In fact, many users have the habit of indicating the filter used in the hashtags to be added to the picture, so that happening to the rankings available on Internet sites that we suggested you should also display the names of the various filters in order of popularity.  

Link social accounts

If you have not already done so, know that connecting the social accounts you use to the Instagram app is another good way to increase followers, really.

In fact, if you publish Instagram photos on other social networks, Facebook and Twitter in the first place, your content will reach a much wider audience than usual and, consequently, you will be more likely to attract the attention of new followers.

To connect your Instagram account with Facebook, Instagram and/or other supported social networking services, press the icon of the little man that is placed at the bottom right of the main menu of the app.

Then select the gear icon located at the top right, go to the Linked accounts menu attached to the Settings section and select the social network of your interest from the list of available social services.

After giving permission to publish the photos on the other social Instagram will automatically post your content on the latter. You will not have to do is take your photos normally and select the buttons of the social networks of interest during the publication.

Participate in the contest

Inde, a contest, that is, competitions to which social network users can participate to win prizes of various kinds, or lose part is a factor now very important to have followers on Instagram.

If you manage the account of a small company and are looking for an effective system to have followers on Instagram then try to hold a contest and invite users to participate.

The most successful contests are clearly those that actively involve the public so ask users to take pictures related to a common theme, share them on Instagram and use a hashtag of your choice.

By doing this you will promote your content and allow the contest participants to express themselves in a creative way.

If instead, you are a “simple” user to participate in the contest that you think most interesting should allow you to point out your shots to a wider audience and joined by a common interest and then increase the number of followers on Instagram.

Interact with other users

Last but not least, interacting with other users of the famous app can allow you to increase followers on Instagram, this must be kept in mind.

In fact, Instagram is first and foremost a social tool and as such, to be able to get noticed, it is necessary to interact, interact and, once again, interact! Personally, we suggest you to comment on the photos of others calling into question the subject of the shot, the author of the same and, why not, also other commenters following the instructions that we have provided in my guide on how to tag someone on Instagram.

Another great idea to be able to increase followers on Instagram is then to respond to comments to photos from other users.

Doing so in this way is not excluded that over time you can establish friendship with other users of the famous app having the same interests (for example the same favorite subjects, the love for a specific country, the passion for the kitchen, the one for the technology, etc.) and with which to make guest posts, that is to say to post photos exclusively on your account by returning the favor if necessary.

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