How to Install a WordPress theme and customize it

It is said that the first impression is the last impression when anyone meets you for the first time, your first appearance is the only thing which forces anyone to remind you again.The same thing also applies to websites.The look of your website is the first thing which attracts the visitors to spend more time on your websites, and the theme of your website matters a lot here. Here, I am going to tell you How to set up and customize WordPress theme step by step.

Installing WordPress Theme:

First of all, open your website followed by “/wp-admin

For Example: localhost/wp-admin

On the top left, at right to the WordPress icon, you will see a button with the name of your website.

Click on it.



(If you have already opened the Dashboard then select appearance)

Click on Themes.

At the right of the page, You will see “Add new theme


Click on it.

Now choose a theme which is perfect for your website.


It also gives you the feature for a preview before you apply it on your website.

Click on Preview Button.


If you think that finally, you have found something of your interest then click on install button


Now its time to activate the installed theme on your website.Now click on activate button.


Finally, your theme has been set up on your website.

But, I think you are still not satisfied with its color and other appearances. Don’t worry, you can customize the theme with your favorite background image and colors.

Customization Of WordPress Theme:

At the top left, there is a button named “Customize”. Click on it.


Now, let’s talk about customization.

After click on customize button, it will open a menu bar

Note:- MenuBar options are different in every theme.Here are some most common options.

Site identity:

It allows you to Select logo, give your website a title and tagline for it. It also allows you to choose Fevicon(site icon).



As it can be easily predicted by its name color allows you to change your colour scheme and changing text colours.

Note:- Its many options are depended on your theme features.


Header Media:

In this section, you can give your visitors a tutorial about your Website before using it.And it also allows you to change your background image.



It allows users to have control on the Menu bar, social link menus and your preference for menus what you want on top and what on the bottom.



Widgets allow you to set up the sidebar, footers, slider, social media and a lot. It is one of most important customization features of your theme. It is very helpful to make the appearance of website look better.


Static Front Page:

As it can be seen by its name it gives a front page to your visitors.There are two options:

  • Your latest posts
  • Dynamic page(A static page)

Dynamic Page: It is the page which admin want to show when a visitor opens your website.


These were the few Options which are essential for every theme but you may find some more that just depends on your theme.


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