How to install Android apps not available in your country

How many times did you find the game of your life or the productivity program in the Play Store apps that could have optimized your work experience in the blink of an eye if it were only available for your Android? There are willing developers who have made a commitment and have found a way to bypass the problem. Find out how to install non-compatible apps on your Android. It’s easy!

How to install Android apps not available in your country

If an application is not available in the country where you are, you just have to transfer or make believe your device, and then the Play Store, you are in the right country at the right time. How to do? Just install a VPN for Android, no root or complicated procedures, a simple Android app will be able to solve all your problems.

It’s called TunnelBear and to use it you will not have to do anything other than:

  1. Install it and register by e-mail (just enter your name, e-mail and password and then check it all by e-mail).
  2. Select the country you are interested in on the map and wait for the bear to dig the tunnel and the private navigation will activate.
  3. Confirm the connection request and download the app you are interested in without any problem.

Depending on the app you downloaded, you may need to activate the VPN to view its contents. In any case, you will have 500MB of data available for free right now, and you just need a Tweet to get to 1GB without spending money. If for some reason you need more data, maybe because you travel often, then you can buy an upgraded plan.

DOWNLOAD || TunnelBear

How to install non-compatible Android apps

The problem does not concern the region you are in but rather the smartphone you have in your hands? Here, then, the service that is right for you is called Market Helper and, unfortunately, works only if your Android is rooted. To install the service, obviously not available in the Play Store, all you have to do is activate the unknown Sources from the security settings of your Android and start the download of Market Helper .

Once installed, just follow these steps:

  1. Change the model of your device, your location and the telephone operator depending on the availability of the app, from the drop-down menus that show the data related to your smartphone.
  2. Select the Activate button at the bottom, allow access to root permissions and accept the permissions of the app if required.
  3. Once activated successfully, follow the instructions on the display that will send you back to the Device Manager. You will notice that the model of smartphone you have chosen will be shown.
  4. At this point, open the Play Store, search for the app you are interested in and download it without problems.

Being able to download the app does not mean however use it without problems. If the service is not compatible with your device model, it’s probably because you do not have the right Android version or the hardware needed to run everything as it should. So do not be surprised if you notice lag, malfunctions or sudden crashes of the newly installed service.

Let us know what apps you have installed and if they worked without problems!

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