How to kill the werewolf in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Killing the werewolf in The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt is a little difficult task, but with a good strategy and using the right signs, oils and bombs, even the creature famous for being one of the Hardest of the game can be beaten. See how to kill the werewolf in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

How to kill the werewolf in The Witcher 3

How to kill the werewolf in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Werewolf is one of The Witcher 3’s most troublesome creatures: In addition to being extremely powerful, able to defeat Geralt with a few hits, and having a very high defense, the monster is able to regenerate large amounts of its own energy during combat. This combination makes him a formidable enemy and hard to beat.

To face a werewolf and emerge victorious, the player needs not only dexterity but also to enter the battle properly equipped with a supply of potions, oils and bombs. Knowing how to use the right signs (spells) also helps a lot.

In the inventory part, three items are essential:

  • Moon Dust:
    This bomb nullifies monster transformations for a while.
  • Devil’s Puffball:
    the bomb that casts a cloud of poison for a while.
  • Cursed Oil:
    increases the damage of attacks against cursed creatures.

the witcher 3 werewolf battle

At combat time, dodge the werewolf attacks and counterattack quickly. The Oil Curse increase the damage of his sword, quickly reducing the power of the enemy. After sufficient damage, the werewolf will move away and begin to regain energy in large quantities.

When this happens, use the Moon Dust bomb, which nullifies the effect for a few seconds (time varies by bomb level), also use the Demon Blow bomb, which deals constant damage and the werewolf is especially susceptible to it (Thunderstorm is also a good option). It is essential not to give the creature room and continue to attack and use bombs without giving it time to heal or summon wolves to help her.

In Geralt’s list of signs, two are particularly effective: Ignii, to stun the werewolf and connect attacks, and Axii, which confuses the beast and prevents it from attacking for a while. Also use the Quen sign to defend yourself, have a good supply of Swallow potions or other healing items, and dodge abuse.

By following these tips, the werewolf will no longer be a problem.

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