After a bad start, Tesla breaks car sales record in 2019

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The Tesla hit record sales in 2019, closing the year with 367,500 cars traded, according to data published on its website on the morning of Friday (3). This number is higher than the sum of the previous two years and was within what the Silicon Valley automaker expected for the period. The product that was largely responsible for this feat was the Model 3 sedan, one of the brand’s entry-level cars, which, in the last quarter of the year alone, sold over 90,000 units.

The result closes an important year for Tesla, but it had not started so well, as the automaker had started 2019 with a loss of $702 million in the first quarter – its fourth worst quarterly loss since becoming a capital company opened in 2010. This unpleasant start had been caused by a very bad time in Model 3 sales that, according to Elon Musk, the brand’s CEO, came about because the company had announced major marketing changes, focusing on Europe and China.

The company also spent months battling the narrative that demand for its cars was falling. As a result of this buzz, Tesla’s stock price fell steadily during the first half of the year to less than $180 a share – its lowest point in three years. But the company eventually recovered and enters 2020 with its shares worth $400 each.

Model 3 Sudan
Model 3 keeps saving Tesla

For the future, we should have news such as the Model Y, a compact SUV, and the controversial Cybertruck, which was unveiled in November and featured news and memes of the most varied. In addition, Tesla opened a factory in China to be able to market Model 3 locally, which will help it contain transportation and logistics costs, which made it more expensive there.

Source: The Verge

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