Galaxy S11 camera functions unveiled in Samsung’s official software

An update file for Galaxy Note 9 hides some information regarding Galaxy S11 camera features and varied details of the Galaxy Fold 2, two of the top-tier smartphones in its code that Samsung is expected to announce in 2020, according to XDA Developers.

It is not uncommon for the South Korean manufacturer to hide future device information within current model updates. It usually does this to assign standards of use, patent protection or even testing in the few cases where such features are enabled, which is not the case here.

For this example, one of the features easily recognizable to Samsung’s longtime fans is the highlight: the old Pro Video Mode, which allowed you to manually adjust exposure to light, color tones, shutter speed and other functions while recording of a video. The function should return to new Samsung handsets after a few years away.

Samsung s11 leaked images 1
Supposed features seen in Samsung update code refer to functions that should enter the Galaxy S11 (Image: Playback / OnLeaks)

From what XDA Developers saw from the code, Samsung must also implement at least four new bokeh filters (that feature where the background is blurred to prioritize what’s immediately in the photo) on the Galaxy S11, all by Live Focus mode: These are ArtifyMonoSide Light and Vintage, although it is not possible to say exactly what they do.

Other news, in fact, were rumors already known, but now appear in more detail: the first is Director’s View mode, which allows the user to select an object in the camera frame for the Galaxy S11 to track, and help the photographer taking more close-up shots.

The other is Single Take, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect the most appropriate time to take a picture. It is very similar to the way Photobooth line Pixel 4, of Google, but with the advantage that, while the American giant handset Mountain View only work with selfies, the Samsung Take Single work in all formats, including images taken through the wide-angle lens.

Samsung s11 leaked images 2
Features featured are more about improved camera functions, but also touch on battery health

Speaking a little about the battery, the update code also mentions a new feature that tells you how much of the original battery capacity still persists on your smartphone, noting if it has a status of “Good”, “Fair” or “Bad”, probably compared to current device status with factory defaults.

It is worth mentioning that all the features listed above should appear on the Galaxy S11, but that does not mean that they are exclusive to it, but can also appear on other Samsung smartphones. What seems unique, however, is a mention of the fast battery recharge technology with 25W to 45W power that, according to XDA, appears next to the word “Bloom”, which rumors indicate to be the code name for the Galaxy Fold 2.

However, there is still a possibility that only part of this, or none of it, will appear in Samsung’s upcoming handsets. Still, we should have some good news in the announcement of the Galaxy S11, which will happen sometime in February 2020.

Source: XDA Developers

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