Instagram filter Which Pokémon you are: how to have it

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Which Pokémon you are filter has arrived on Instagram: here’s where it is and how to add it to your Stories.

Instagram filter Which Pokémon you are: how to have it

Which Pokémon are you? The new Instagram filter designed for Pokémon fans is depopulating on the Stories of users from all over the world, but where is it and how can you use it?

The filters for Instagram Stories has become a real craze: there are many official pages and users who create fun and themed animated effects to be made available to subscribers. This is the case of the filter What animal are you, the nice effect that shows us which animal we look like. Not all Instagram filters are in the app’s default list, and perhaps only a few know that there is a trick to accessing a vast list of secret and original filters to add to your collection and use when needed.

After illustrating how to create custom Instagram filters and add them to the Stories , let’s see now where the Pokémon filter is and how to use it.

Which Pokémon you are: how to have the Instagram filter

Have you seen your favorite influencer post a video in which he uses the What Pokémon Are You filter but don’t know how to do it? There are two options for using the Pokémon filter:
1. Open the History of the user who used the filter and click on the writing What Pokémon? from hugesp1
2. If the above text does not appear, go to the profile of the creator of the filter, @hughesp1, and click on the link in bio.

At this point the filter tab will open and you will have the opportunity to try it, save the effect, send it to someone or browse the secret effects (More … icon). In the effects gallery you can easily find the filters that you might like most thanks to the division by categories (Love, Funny, Moods, Animals, Science Fiction and Fantasy, etc …).

How to use the Which Pokémon are you? Filter

Once you have accessed the Pokémon filter, the internal camera will open and you will see that the button to shoot the clip or take photo using this effect will be a Pokéball. On your head will be the sign Which Pokémon are you? To find out, just long press the central button and wait for the app to scan your face and show the Pokémon that most resembles you.

At this point you can share the story, download and post it at another time or delete it by pressing X and repeating the game in case you want to release another type of Pokémon.

In the same vein as Which Pokémon you are, these days have landed on Instagram and the filters Which Disney Princess you are and Which Powerpuff you are. are also enjoying great success. To use them just go to the stories of the profile of the user who created them and press Test filter. If you can’t see the new filters, update the Instagram app to the new version to fix it.

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