How to lock / unlock the computer with a USB stick

Are you very worried about the privacy of your PC?
Don’t worry and be calm, we are going to see how to lock and unlock the PC with a USB stick. Have you ever seen a Hollywood movie based on hacking? In those movies, you’ll see that hackers block or unlock computers with the help of USB sticks. It really seems like a fantastic idea.

By blocking the computer using a USB stick and unlocking it using the same USB stick, you will look like a hacker. The use of the pendrive to boot a computer is really impressive because nobody else can access your computer without the USB device.

If you’re tired of locking your Windows computer and entering your password, Predator an application for Windows that will facilitate the unlocking process making it more secure with the help of a USB flash drive that immediately locks and unlocks the computer.

Now you do not have to worry more about your files on your computer, Predator will protect your PC in your absence. Predator basically turns the USB flash drive into a key. When you unplug your USB stick, your computer will automatically lock, and it will also sound an alarm if an intruder inserts a wrong password to unlock it.

Optionally, Predator takes a picture with your webcam and sends you via email. You can create specific rules for each user.

When you insert the right one, the computer will come back exactly as you left it. So let’s move on to see how to lock and unlock a computer with USB Pendrive. You just have to have a clean USB stick with no viruses or malware. Scan Pendrive Antivirus for viruses or malware.

How to lock/unlock the computer with a USB stick

1)  Download and install the Predator software on your Windows computer. After installing the plug-in also in the USB stick.

2)  Predator will ask you if you want to create a password? Click “OK” to continue.

3)  Now in the preferences tab, you need to enter a secure password in the “New password” field. This password will help you to unlock your computer if you lose your USB stick.

4)  Under the Flash Drives section, make sure you have selected the correct USB flash drive as soon as you have finished, click “Create Key” and then click OK.

5)  Now you can exit Predator and restart the program. After a few seconds, the predator icon will turn green and check every 30 seconds if the USB stick is connected or not.

If your USB drive is not connected, the computer freezes. If you wish to pause Predator, you can select the “Pause Monitoring” option from the taskbar menu.

Unlocking the computer is simple, just insert a USB stick, and if you lose the USB stick, you can unlock the computer with a password specified during installation.

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