How to recover the WiFi password on Windows

Now almost everyone has a Wifi connection at home, Wifi is the easiest way to connect all our devices with the Internet.

Very often, we forget our Wifi password and at that moment we are faced with a thousand difficulties to recover it. In this article, we will talk about all WiFi networks. Forgetting the WiFi password is normal, because once we connected, we do not insert it anymore.

If you’ve lost your WiFi password, on your laptop or desktop I can help you recover it easily. There are several options available on the Internet that tell you to recover your WiFi password saved on your devices. But you do not need any third-party application to recover forgotten passwords.

Here are the things to do if you want to recover your WiFi password on Windows.

How to recover the WiFi password on Windows

1)  Open the computer connected to the Wifi network, go to the Start menu> Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network and Sharing Center.

2)  Click on Change Settings tab which is usually located on the left sidebar

3)  Users must right-click on the WiFi network and then click on the status button.

4)  After clicking on Status, users must select the Wireless Properties option.

5)  In the properties, users will see a Security tab displayed. Click on it.

6)  Now it will show you the type of security, the type of encryption and the network security key. The network security key is your Wifi password. Select the “Show”  option to view the password.

That’s all you need to do if you’ve forgotten your WiFi network password.

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