How to Make Video in Stop-Motion on Android the best apps

How cool are the stop-motion videos? Let’s talk about a video production technique that, with the release of smartphones and more and more advanced apps, has literally invaded our everyday life after having been for years the exclusive prerogative of the professionals in the video-making sector.

But what is stop-motion? This is a montage technique that sees the creation of photographic shots that, combined in post-production, create videos at the limit of the surreal, as for example they can be puppets that perform the most diverse actions. Let’s see together how to make stop-motion videos on Android.

Make stop-motion videos with the Motion app

The creation of stop-motion videos on Android does not require any specific technical knowledge, considering that it is possible to do that simply by downloading and installing on the smartphone the Motion app from Google Play. The app is really very light (15 MB) and, above all, it’s free. Once you have installed it, just open Motion, click on the “+” button at the top right and start adding a new project to your list. The next step will be to capture the frames of your future stop-motion video from the “Capture Photo” screen. Whenever you capture a new frame by taking a picture, you will need to add the check to confirm the shot.

At the end of your photo session, you can check all the frames you have acquired. Once this is done, simply press the Play button to create the stop-motion video: if it is needed, you can also go back and add new frames, and then place them in the desired position. You can also change the scroll speed of frames by using the Clock icon. When the result has satisfied you, you will have to click on the Download button to get your fascinating stop-motion video. If this app seems too simple, know that there are other applications on Android that allow you to create these types of videos.


PicPac is a very popular app to create stop-motion videos on Android, and is very similar to Motion. In reality, this app is equipped with much more advanced features, such as the ability to use previously taken frames and present in the photo gallery, or to access photos uploaded on social as Instagram. In addition, PicPac also allows you to break down into existing video frames, adding to the new stop-motion videos even music, voice and sound effects.

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is even higher, as it literally has an avalanche of extra options for making stop-motion videos. Among them, we find some goodies such as the Overlay mode, the grid and the Cinema mode. Stop Motion Studio also has an excellent integrated video editor and ensures the creation of stop-motion videos of an almost professional level. Moreover, as if this were not enough, during the export phase it is possible to save the video in the various formats, or as an animated GIF.

The features of Stop Motion Studio are so vast and impressive that it is impossible to summarize them, since it would take a separate article: it is enough to know that the app has many options that are valuable for anyone with a passion for video-making. Unfortunately, Stop Motion Studio takes advantage of many of the resources of the CPU and often slows down the smartphone, to the point of crashing at the least opportune moments: make sure, therefore, to have a particularly powerful Android smartphone.

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