5 Best Apps to Translate Text To Speech in Android

With the technological progress and the continuous development of smartphone functionalities, we have reached a level of management of daily activities such as to use these devices in any field, whether it is working or pure entertainment. One of the best features that could be realized in the field of furniture is the possibility of transforming any text written in a vocal synthesis that is reproduced directly from the smartphone through special apps.

This sort of function is known by the name Text To Speech which literally means “text in voice”. This is a very convenient and practical feature that is useful especially when you have busy hands and you can not then use the smartphone screen in the classic way.

Therefore, in today’s content, we decided to select for you the best 5 text to speech app for Android to download and install on your device to turn any text into spoken language.

By continuing to read the rest of the post, you will find all the information you need to download the app and understand which application is best suited to your needs. Are you ready to know the apps dedicated to speech synthesis?

App Index:

  1. Text to Speech
  2. Talk – Text to Voice
  3. Type And Speech
  4. Speak it
  5. AlReader

1. Text to Speech – ^

The first application we decided to review is called Text To Speech and a basic tool easy to use that allows you to copy and paste a text found from the outside and convert it into a real speech synthesis file.

The great strength of this app is the possibility of translating the text into other languages and translations are only carried out for the languages installed on the smartphone. In addition to providing a complete conversion of text, Text To Speech also allows you to save all the converted files in order to listen to them whenever you want.

2. Talk – Text To Voice – ^

Another application that should not be underestimated to transform a text written in vocal synthesis is just Talk – Text to Voice which is nothing but a simple and fast app used by thousands of users to easily convert text to speech. It is a fairly complete tool that also allows you to read the text contained in any web page as well as reproduce the contents of the newspapers.

One of the best features of Talk is the ability to export the audio file in WAV format, so as to collect, collect and catalog all the files of interest to be played on perhaps another device.

3. Type And Speech – ^

You have to travel abroad for work but you have some problems with the language and you would not want to make a bad impression? Before leaving, you must download and install the application known as Type And Speak on your Android smartphone.

Already from the name itself we understand that it is an application that allows you to insert any text in your language that will be converted and translated into an audio file in the chosen destination.

As for Talk, also Type and Speak allows the reading of any web page by means of text synthesis as it guarantees perfect synchronization with browsers. Another feature not present in previous apps is that you can use audio files created as ringtones and alarms.

4. Speak it – ^

Speak It is another excellent Text to Speech android application for converting any type of text into a file that can be reproduced via speech synthesis. It has nothing to envy to the app of its kind, also because it has a complete support for foreign languages.

Its best feature is the ability to take advantage of the application as a tool for learning other languages, in fact with Speak It it is possible to learn the correct pronunciation of words.

Once you’ve converted any text, this app lets you save it so you can listen to it when you need it.

5. AlReader – ^

We conclude today’s focus by reviewing the latest app called AlReader which is nothing more than text converter in spoken language that can be used to listen to the content of books and stories in general.

The tool can transform a wide range of files into different formats, which will be automatically converted into audio files to be played on your smartphone. It supports several languages and offers additional features that are quite complex and can be exploited by advanced users who already know the industry.

Have you ever had the opportunity to test these apps related to Text to Speech? How did you find yourself? Do the conversions work correctly? Let us know your experience in comments.

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