How to open an .exe file on Mac

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The .exe extension is used to identify those files that contain executable code. The exe file is born in the Windows environment and is always developed within the operating system of Microsoft, while the other OS are not able to use it correctly.

This does not mean, however, that it is impossible to get around this obstacle, in fact in this guide we will see how to open a .exe file on Mac.

Taking up what has been said before, the .exe file is born for the Windows environment. To make sure that our Mac is able to correctly use files with this extension it is necessary to emulate the Microsoft operating system on the Apple device. This operation can be carried out without any difficulty using one of the many emulators offered by the network. Among the best we find:

  • The Unarchiver – freeware software, with which to emulate the operating system of Microsoft on the Mac.
  • Wine – Freeware software, born for GNU/Linux environment and then also adapted to Apple OS.
  • WineBottler – freeware software, born of Wine and developed specifically for Mac environment.
  • PlayOnMac – Freeware software, also born of Wine to allow you to recreate the Windows environment on your Mac.

The proposed emulators are all very similar. Among these highlights Unarchiver, which is very easier to use the application, and secondly because it offers the possibility to decompress files RAR and ZIP and unzip files saved in various formats, including executable files.

The proposed software have been selected because they guarantee excellent performance and because they are easy to use. The graphical interface is user-friendly and the procedure to follow to open a .exe file on Mac is very intuitive.

The first step to open a .exe file on Mac is to choose one of the software listed and proceed with the installation of the same on your Mac. After the installation process, simply open the program and follow the simple instructions provided by the software itself.

To open a .exe file on Mac with an emulator, Wine, for example, just right click on the icon of the executable file that we want to start and select the item “Open with [downloaded emulator]“.


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