4 best browsers for iPhone and iPad in 2018

On mobile devices we have so many applications to do various operations that sometimes choose the best is really difficult, in particular, those to surf the internet, for this reason below we offer 4 best browsers for iOS, among the fastest and more performing currently available.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is also confirmed on iOS devices, the most used and appreciated browser ever, thanks to its speed and stability and very responsive responses during navigation.

A very stable browser, with a loading speed of JavaScript pages much higher than previous versions, proof of how updates received for iOS only lead to improvements in performance.

Google Chrome is seen as the best alternative to Safari for all those who own an iOS device, not only for its great performance but also for its simple, intuitive and immediate interface.


Safari is the default Apple browser on all its devices, allowing fast browsing with good performance but not at the same level as Google Chrome.

In fact, many people think that Chrome is better than Safari, but the Apple browser behaves quite well, provides several tools and allows you to better manage the content on the web.

Safari manages cookies and website data; furthermore, it is possible to remove all the information that Safari keeps regulating what has been visited over time.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is an alternative browser that works on its own, ensures a speed of more than six times that of Safari, at least on paper, but during use you still notice a good speed but not so superior to its competitors.

At the opening of Opera Mini you notice a pretty screen that shows all its main features, moreover, are shown squares that allow you to quickly access several sites, which are saved automatically, it is the most visited during the day.

Also present a bar that allows you to directly type URLs of websites or to search on Google, loading times are good. Good customization possibilities.


Firefox is one of the best mobile browsers and beyond, has also found high acceptance by holders iOS device, thanks to the ease of use and excellent performance during navigation.

It allows you to delete the browsing history, passwords and much more with a simple touch, you can also choose which data to remove whenever you need.

From the moment you activate Mozilla, Firefox for iOS will not store cookies, will not store passwords and will not track the visited sites. Simple, intuitive and very light graphic interface, it does not cause any blocking of the device and allows you to browse comfortably on any website.

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