Best alternative apps for Instagram available in iOS

Despite the popularity of Instagram, it may well be that you are one of those who do not like Facebook-owned photography community too much. The service offered is in fact much more similar to that of a social network like Twitter, with photos instead of messages, or a professional service or similar digital photography. Making a comparison with the social network already mentioned, Instagram is to “serious” photography, just as a tweet is to a newspaper article. So here are five alternatives for iOS to Instagram for you to download immediately on your iPhone and iPad.

1) PicYou – Share Photos with Free Camera Filters

The first service we recommend as an alternative to Instagram is PicYou, a fairly recent app capable of collecting 750,000 downloads in the first 4 months of life on the iOS platform.

The application will allow you to upload unlimited photos on their server and modify them with effects such as more or less classic filters, as well as frames and more. As well as Instagram, however, the service will reduce the quality and size of the shots that you upload on their servers, so if you are looking for an alternative that leaves the quality and size of your photos intact, it would be appropriate to switch to another app in this list.

2) Hipstamatic

Another alternative to Instagram, similar in the way it is presented, is Hipstamatic. The particularity of this application is to take pictures that are very similar to those taken with analog cameras, allowing you to apply equivalent filters to a change of lenses, flash or various rolls. Moreover one of the characteristics of this service is the possibility to have the prints of the photos that you upload and modify online, you can in fact order for the home delivery directly from the app the photos that you would have physically with you.

3) Camera +

Camera + is one of the most popular photography applications for iPhone smartphones and iPad tablets. This fact boasts over 10 million downloads already made for iOS platform, and differs from Instagram for more detail “professional” to the photos you upload online, with the ability to synchronize with iCloud Lightbox Sync, and then with all your Apple devices, your photographic archive. In addition to the classic photo editing effects made this gives you the opportunity to use an alternative camera app to the one already installed on smartphones that will help you through an interface made from horizontal lines and facilitated modes, to improve the quality of your shots.

4) EyeEm – Photo Filter Camera 

EyeEm is a very popular application among digital photography enthusiasts, spread across multiple platforms, including Android, will allow you to combine more social networking aspects of services like Instagram, to tools more addressed to those who do not want to sacrifice the quality of their photos by changing the resolution, will allow you to leave the aspect ratio unchanged of the photos and make them available to the vast community of the application. You can also discover the best photos by category or those taken in your vicinity, as well as having the classic photo editing tools and various filters available.

5) Flickr

The last service presented here is Flickr, the service owned by the Yahoo portal is one of the most valid alternatives to Instagram, although in the comparison could even be diminished, not being the app addressed to a user who just wants to apply trivial filters and hashtag catch like. You can in fact get many semi-professional tools for editing your shots, and save everything online on your public profile. Also here you can leave the quality of the photos taken unchanged, as long as you remain in the more than 1000 Gigabyte limit of space available to you. What would allow you to use this service as a cloud storage system for your photos, which from here you can also share on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more.

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