How to stop programs from automatically running at startup in mac

Does it ever happen that on your Mac the startup is suddenly slower than expected and you do not understand why?

This very annoying problem can be given by an excess of resources required at startup from the system that can be caused by the activation at the same time of your Mac OS X of various applications that with the time you have installed and automatically set as necessary from the beginning, and not always these applications are, in this case their start in the background since the ignition is obviously useless, and therefore to save resources and reduce startup times it is preferable to disable the automatic start.

Below you will find an easy and very fast step-by-step guide to disable the start of applications with Mac OS X

  • First, once you have obviously turned on your Mac, go to the System Preferences, which are found by clicking on the Apple menu and selecting the homonymous item that will appear in the list
  • Now from the window that opens choose Accounts in the System section (next to the Date and Time options, Software Updates and Time Machine)
  • From the right pane next to the Password button choose Login to get the list of programs that run at system startup
  • Now you will see all the programs that start from the start, you can select the ones you do not believe are necessary when starting up your Mac OS X and then click on the “-” (minus) button below to remove them from the list

So you removed unnecessary applications at startup and maybe fixed the problem of slowing down the system caused by applications in the background. What time should it be necessary to restore an application to start automatically, just select + from the same menu and select the item to be started at startup and confirm with Add.

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