How to open DOCX files and convert them to .doc and other formats

The DOCX format has existed for many years. Microsoft has long used its proprietary format, which is the DOC format. This format has been adopted by many third-party word processors. However, some factors have led Microsoft to realize the DOCX, a new format open to storage and sharing. The DOCX format makes it possible to obtain files that are much lighter than the DOC format, as the latter kept information superfluous. In this guide we will explain how to open DOCX files and how to convert them to other formats.


How to open DOCX files

Microsoft Office

The best way to open a DOCX file is to use the Microsoft Office suiteMicrosoft Word software is the best solution to interact with this type of file. It not only allows you to open the file and consult the contents, but also to modify it as you wish. However, this is paid software, which could make many users turn upside down.

Word Online

A DOCX file can be opened using Word Online. This is the online version of Microsoft Word. It is a good choice if you simply want to view the contents of a file and print it if necessary. In order to use this service, you must have a Microsoft account, as it will ask you to log in with your credentials.

In addition, the change is not always guaranteed, as a file may be equipped with some features not supported by the service. In this case, you can still view its contents by clicking on the Open reading display button.


If you prefer a free third-party solution, we recommend using Libreoffice. This is a totally free suite that allows you to open and manage files in DOCX format. This suite is very similar to that offered by Microsoft. It includes several software dedicated to the management of all types of files, just like PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

The software you will need to use to open DOCX files is LibreOffice Writer. Thanks to this word processor, you can read, edit and print any text file.

Microsoft Word for Android and iOS

As for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, you can use the Microsoft Word app. This application allows you to open and edit any file in DOCX format.

Thanks to the simple and intuitive interface, opening and editing files will be a breeze. This application proves to be very useful especially if you are away from home and you need to make simple changes to a text file.

How to convert DOCX files

You can convert DOCX files to PDF files in a few simple steps. Through this operation you will be able to read DOCX files even if you do not have one of the previously viewed software.

SmallPDF is a free online service that allows you to convert these files. All you need is a computer, a smartphone or a tablet, any browser and an Internet connection.

  1. Go to the Smallpdf page;
  2. Click on the Choose File item;
  3. Select the files to convert.

Once this is done, the online tool will automatically convert the uploaded files. Once completed, you can download the files in PDF format by clicking on the download button.

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