How to rotate / flip a video on Mac without using heavy editors

If after a busy day of video shooting you realize that probably the file has been saved in the wrong orientation or that the shot could be made more distorting the point of view it might be useful or necessary to rotate the video. On Mac there are much shorter paths that release the user from the expectations and times that involve heavy editing programs like Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. So let’s see how to rotate a video on Mac quickly and easily.

Quick Time

The solution to the problem is called Quick Time and is already installed on the device without any possibility of uninstallation. The steps to follow are simple and fast, but for those who were not very practical or is for the first time in front of this need then perhaps it is appropriate to indicate the fastest procedure. Just enough:

  • open the desired video using Quick Time;
  • go to the upper bar and select Edit;
  • from the context menu select rotate to the right or rotate to the left according to your needs.

Now the video will be rotated as desired, but changes need to be confirmed. If you want to export the video just close the Quick Time screen that will propose saving the new file in the Documents folder. Unfortunately, the only format available will be MOV and therefore to use it on any platform will have to undergo a conversion using third-party programs.

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