Perform periodic backups is a important operation. In this way, in fact, in case of any problems we will have our data safe, ready to be recovered. Photos, videos, apps and more can be retrieved on any occasion and will always be safe. We can make a backup with our iPhone in two different ways. We can take advantage of the iTunes PC software, or the Apple cloud storage service, or iCloud.

So let’s see how to backup iPhone to always have our data safe.


Let’s see what are the steps to follow for each procedure.

How to backup iPhone with iTunes

We can back up all our data thanks to iTunes software. The software is available for both Mac and Windows PC. On Mac, it is already available preinstalled, while for Windows we will have to download it by clicking on this link.

  1. We connect the iPhone to the PC with the USB-Lightning cable;
  2. Let’s start the iTunes software;
  3. Click on the icon depicting our device, located on the top left;
  4. Click on the Summary tab;
  5. At this point click on Back up now.

Once this is done, the backup procedure will start and all our data, such as apps, photos, videos, etc. will be kept secure. We will have to wait a few minutes for the procedure to be completed.

Once the backup is complete, we can verify that everything has been successful.

  1. Click on the Edit menu;
  2. Click on Preferences;
  3. At this point we click on Devices.

If the backup was successful, we should display the device name and the date and time of the data copy.

How to backup iPhone with iCloud

We can also backup iPhone with Apple’s iCloud storage service. It allows us to have all our data synchronized on all our devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and even Windows PC, providing us with 5GB of free space. If we want more storage space, we will have to sign up for a paid monthly subscription.

Before proceeding with the actual backup, it is advisable to activate the iCloud Photo Library function.

  1. Let’s go into the Settings;
  2. We select our username;
  3. We select the iCloud option;
  4. At this point we select the item Photo;
  5. Activate the iCloud Photo Library function by setting the toggle to On.

So let’s see how to backup our device with the iCloud service.

  1. We open the Settings;
  2. We select our username;
  3. We select the iCloud option and verify all the options are set to On;
  4. At this point, scroll down and select the item iCloud Backup;
  5. Activate the iCloud Backup option, setting the toggle to On;
  6. Finally we select the option to Back up now.

At this point the procedure will start backing up all our data. It is essential to keep our device connected to the Wi-Fi network until the backup procedure is complete.


We strongly recommend that you periodically back up all your data. In this way, in case of any repairs due to malfunctions, we can recover all our data in no time.


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