How to play UNO online [Original Ubisoft]

If you are over 30, you probably know the UNO card game. For the youngest Ubisoft launched the digital version of the game, taking the fun to the online mode, seeking new fans of this very fun game. Learn how to play UNO online which is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

What is UNO?

UNO is a card game created in 1971 by Merle Robbins and released by Mattel. The original game consists of a set of cards with: 4 colors (red, yellow, blue, green) and a numerical sequence from 0 to 9. There are special card movements for each color: (Skip, Change direction, Draw 2 cards). Wild cards are to change the color, or draw 4 cards.

In short, the game flows in a sense where players must match the cards in the center, by number or color. In the classic rule, the player who cannot match, draws a card and loses his turn. Whoever has 1 card in his hand must shout UNO, if not, he can be challenged and will have to draw 2 cards. The person who runs out of cards first wins the game.

What versions of UNO are online?

In the Ubisoft game, there is the possibility to purchase other versions of the game, with special themes and cards and some more rules. Remembering that the basic rules of the game are very simple, which does not prevent creating “house rules” to increase the fun. 

Some versions of “house rules” are also found in the configuration of your match. Let’s see how to play UNO online and the available versions:


The classic game version is activated as soon as you buy the game ($9.99 on Xbox One). Within this version we have the modes:

  • Play One (Against bots);
  • Play Online; 
  • Help and Options (Where the complete game tutorials exist).

In the deck there are:

  • 4 colors (green, red, blue, yellow)
  • numeric sequence from 0 to 9;
  • Standard movement chart (Change direction, jump, buy +2);
  • Joker to change color in turn;
  • Joker to change color and make the next player buy +4).

UNO Rayman ($9.99 on Xbox One)

Same game modes as the original but with 4 additional card types (can be enabled or disabled)

  • Dragon Card (All players’ hands are shuffled and redistributed at random);
  • Hit something (Blocks a +2 card or Wildcard +4, making the penalty double for those who played);
  • Run away (Look at your opponents’ card and hide your card total);
  • A little help (Clone the card at the top of the discard pile).

UNO Just Dance ($9.99 on Xbox One)

Another 4 types of additional cards:

  • Smooth (Each player exchanges his hand with that of the player in front);
  • On demand (Only numeric cards can be played, if someone plays an action card or wild card they will have to buy a card);
  • Draw (All but the player with the lowest number of cards in hand, discard their cards to match the number);
  • Just Dance Machine (The card has a random effect during the game).

UNO Flip ($17.90 DLC on Xbox One)

In this new UNO game, the cards are drawn on both sides, making it always apparent to opponents. In this version we have 6 types of additional cards:

  • Draw 1 (The next player draws 1 card, losing the turn);
  • Wildcard +2 (The player chooses the color of the move and the next draws 2 cards, losing the turn);
  • Draw 5 (Next player draws 5 cards and loses his turn);
  • Flip (Everyone must turn their cards to the opposite side, the game continues and only turns if someone plays that card again);
  • Skip all (the opponents lose their turn, returning to whoever launched the card);
  • Wildcard 1 Color (The next player must draw cards until he gets one with the chosen color).

House rules

UNO is a game with simple rules, which can be much improved with the famous “house rules”. In the Online version there are 6 types of rule modification:

  • Heap (Action cards, with purchase of cards, can be accumulated by the penalized player, passing the amount to the next player);
  • 7 – 0 (When a player discards a “7”, he chooses which player to change hands with, in the case of “0”, the hands are exchanged by the player next to them in the direction of the round);
  • Intrude (The Player may play a card outside his turn, if the last card played is identical to the one you have);
  • Force play (If you buy a card that can be played that turn, it automatically comes into play);
  • No Bluffing (You can play wild cards without being challenged)
  • Buy until you match (The player who has no matching card will buy as many as necessary until he has one that can play).

Bluff exists in the game, the possibility of challenging it is a standard rule, often overlooked by those who play cards live. It is the famous deny card, the punishments for this play can be combined between the players. In the online version, if the player is caught bluffing he draws 2 cards. If the accusation is false, the accused draws 6 cards. Knowing the basic rules of how to play UNO online and offline, you will surely have hours of great fun.

Enjoy this dynamic game a lot. 

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