How to Turn off Autoplay of Next Episode on Netflix

If you are one of those who like to watch series on a drop basis – or who do not have time to marathon, for example – you may be a little uncomfortable with the Netflix feature that promotes the automatic playback of the next episode of a series as soon as you finish another one. Especially if they are long episodes, of 30 minutes or almost 1h.

Fortunately, you can now disable automatic episode playback on Netflix. Note, however, that these settings are specific to each profile, but apply to all devices you use. You can only adjust these settings on the website.


How to disable autoplay of the next episode on Netflix

For those who are a little lazy, when watching series on Netflix with multiple episodes, autoplay allows you to start the next episode without having to press any buttons. To enable or disable, you need to use a browser.

  1. Access your Netflix account in a browser on your computer or mobile phone;
  2. Select “Manage profiles” in the menu and the profile (yours, in this case);
  3. Touch the pencil to edit your preferences;
  4. Check or uncheck the option “Automatically start the next episode of a series on all devices”.

The change affects all your devices like TV, tablet and mobile, and not just Netflix on your computer. According to the company, there may be a delay between the change command and the actual action. To force the process, you can switch to another profile in your account (try watching something) and return to the desired profile (yours) to force an update.

Note that, on the same page, it is possible to activate or deactivate the option “Automatically play previews when browsing on all devices”. These are the trailers.

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