How to post Instagram photos from your PC

Although Instagram has become a very popular social media over the last few years, there is still no official app that allows you to upload your photos directly from your PC. The web version of the Social Network, in fact, allows only to see photos and stories of their contacts, but not to insert new images. Fortunately, there are alternative methods to do this. Read on to discover four different ways to post Instagram photos from your PC.

How to post Instagram photos from the PC

If you have an archive of beautiful photos on your PC, surely you have wanted to share some more interesting images on Instagram. As you know, this is not possible, or rather, the official app does not allow it. In this guide I will show you 4 alternative methods to post Instagram photos from the PC.


The first method that I recommend is to use a multimedia program. It is a convenient app that allows you to have all the Social Network at a click. One of the best around is Socialgest, which can also manage Instagram. Both paid and free versions are available (the latter – of course – with some limitations, not allowing you to upload more than 1 photo a day). If you are looking for “cheaper” solutions and you are not interested in managing more Social Networks, then you will find three other solutions below.

User Agent Switcher

Another solution that allows you to upload photos to Instagram from a PC is to use the User Agent Switcher extension. This is a web browser extension (available for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox ) that allows you to view internet pages in mobile mode, as if we were using a smartphone or a tablet. In this way, connecting to the official Instagram site with this extension enabled, you will notice that the design of the site will be identical to what you see on Smartphone/Tablet, thus being able to upload new photos.


A classic solution is to install an emulator for Android apps on the PC. We have already talked about this application created for smartphones on the computer, is called BlueStacks. This software to be installed on the PC allows you to emulate any app created for Android, directly on PC and Mac.

Simply go to the Bluestacks page and download the software to your computer. Follow the various steps for its installation. From the integrated store, search and download the Instagram app, but useful for using other applications as well. Open the app and easily upload photos to social media through the Android app installed on the PC. This service is free.

Connect to the mobile version of the Instagram site

If you do not want to install web extensions on your browser, you can always connect to the mobile version of the official Instagram site. You can do it using Google Chrome, by connecting to the official Instagram site and using the combination Control + Shift + m.

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