Have you ever deleted so many files and then you regretted it bitterly? No problem, because you can recover deleted files on iPhone and iPad using a convenient and simple app like Leawo iOS Data Recovery. And most importantly, you can do it without having to take advantage of a backup of iTunes or any other similar system. Thanks to this application, you can recover files that you have deleted in the past, or try to recover the seemingly corrupt files: each of these functions, in fact, is present within the same data recovery software.


Recover deleted files on iPhone and iPad

From text messages to multimedia messages, through contacts, call history, calendar appointments and notes, there is really no single file that can not be recovered using Leawo iOS Data Recovery. In addition, this app is equipped with a recovery system directly connected to iTunes and iCloud: a very useful option, in case you need to restore with ease certain files contained in your backups.

Recover multiple files at once

The Leawo app is able to recover multiple files at once: just activate the device scan in DFU mode, or opt for the general scan. Specifically, you can retrieve 6 types of files together: messages, call history, notes, calendar and reminders. In addition, in case you have lost your smartphone or tablet, you can safely recover (if any) the previous backup through iTunes or iCloud, by connecting with your Apple ID. Specifically, you will be able to get back messages (including those of WhatsApp), the roll with photos and videos, the photo library, contacts, notes, attachments, messages, Safari bookmarks, voice memos, calendars and reminders.

Not just data recovery: backups through Leawo

The app also works as an excellent software to create data backups on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. All you need to do is scan the Apple device, determine which files you want to insert in the new backup and export them to your computer in batch format: in this way you will always be sure to have them available on your PC, in case of loss or device failure.

Scanning types and compatible models

Thanks to Leawo’s all-in-one option, you can recover deleted files on iPhone and iPad by performing, for example, a scan by file type. In this way you can export any type of file corresponding to a specific format, such as jpeg, gif, png, mov, m4a and of course HTML. And if you fear that your iPhone or iPad model is not compatible with this app, even in this case it is the case that you relax: there are indeed many models supported by Leawo iOS Data Recovery. The same goes for operating systems: the application is in fact compatible with the latest versions of iOS. Finally, it is appropriate to specify that Leawo also works to recover files lost during a downgrade of the operating system, and not just in the case of system updates.


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