7 Best File Manager for iPhone to manage files simply

If you’ve been an iPhone owner for a long time, but even if you’ve just bought your first Apple device, you’ve probably already noticed the lack of a file manager. This is because iPhone and iPad do not allow you to access the internal file system, unless you have jailbroken it invalidate the warranty of your device. However, there are file management applications that you can use to solve this problem. Today, we will show you the list of the best 7 file manager for iPhone. Let’s have a look:

Documents 5

Documents 5 is a file management app for iOS devices, which lets you manage almost everything on your phone. The application comes with a wide variety of really useful features, which will make file management on iOS devices very easy. For example, you can access all your music library Apple Music or iCloud, along with your photos, files hosted once again on iCloud and much more. The application also supports .ZIP files, so you can easily extract archive files on your iPhone: truly one of the best file managers for these phones.


FileApp is another really good file manager application. The app comes with a nice interface and automatically organizes your files according to the type, date and even view recent files accessible in the application. You can also create new images, audio recordings or text files directly using FileApp. But this application allows you to do other operations: for example, you can view images, play multimedia files and even read PDFs, directly within the application and therefore without downloading any accessory program.

File Hub

File Hub is an alternative to the previous two of considerable thickness. The application offers a multitude of features, such as the ability to create folders to organize files, create empty files or new clipboard files. You can also import files directly from iCloud. The options are really remarkable and you can also sort the files by name, type and so on. The application will also allow you to share files from your iPhone on a Mac or PC via WiFi or via Bluetooth.

File Manager

File Manager is a free app that forces you to have to bear banner ads to use it. With this premise, it can adapt very well to your file management needs in iOS devices. The application is in fact equipped with a clean interface, where you can easily create files and folders. Among other things, you can also add different cloud services to the application, so you can easily manage all your accounts from one software. The application also supports services like Dropbox, WebDAV, Google Drive, One Drive and many others.

File Master

File Master is very well organized and offers many of the features offered by other applications. The interface of the app is a bit ‘dated, but the features are very well taken care of. The application allows you to easily create folders, text files, photos and more. It is also supplied with a proprietary web browser.

iExplorer Mobile

IExplorer Mobile is an iOS file manager, produced by the developers of the known iExplorer desktop application. The application offers features comparable to most of the other file managers we have reported in this article. You can easily create text files, record audio and create folders to organize files on your phone. The application is also equipped with a downloader to download web pages, which you can safely use to browse. You can also import images from your camcorder or take photos from the app itself.

Pocket Drive

The latest app is Pocket Drive: an iPhone and iPad file manager, which at first does not seem anything of that. However, the application takes advantage of many features, including creating text files, making photos and videos and creating folders to keep the iPhone organized. The application also includes a web browser that you can use to download files directly from here.

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