Remove image background online

Let’s see how to remove the background of images online without having to download programs.

This guide will allow you to trim the images online without needing any kind of technical knowledge or skill in photo editing.

A thousand programs or apps are available to trim an image and no one works quickly and accurately?

I will make you discover a website that without downloading any software and without paying anything will allow you to remove the background of the images in no time.

Simply connect to this website.  As soon as you open it, it will show you an image with a small tutorial, click on the top right of close to close it.

You will find a screen like this:

To upload your image you can drag it to “drop image” or click on “select image” and select it from the memory of your device. After loading the image you will have the top toolbar available.

Go and mark the parts of the image you want to keep with the green and instead with the red the part you want to remove, for example the background of the photo. You can zoom by rotating the mouse wheel so that you have more precision.

When you have finished, just click the red arrow in the middle and wait for the change to take place. You can endlessly edit the image on the left, you just have to press the red arrow to see the changes.

Here is an  EXAMPLE  of a background removal:

As you can see just a few steps with the two brushes to remove the background online, without having to trace the outline of the subject to be trimmed by hand. The site is able to automatically recognize the perimeter we “put in green” and remove all that is selected in red.

For parts with more precision or where the site fails on the first shot, you just have to zoom in and select with greater precision using the two brushes.

What do you think of this site? Download images online in a short time and without having to download anything!

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