Buffering Problem On Kodi: 2 Ways To Fix it

Today in particular we will go to see 2 interesting tips that will allow you to eliminate the problem of buffering on Kodi. 

Obviously I can not guarantee 100% that the problem will be solved, but surely the guide that I propose below will help you to eliminate blocks and slowdowns that occur during the playback of videos and movies on Kodi related to the problem of buffering.

In fact, if you often use Kodi, you will know that buffering is a very annoying problem, which can be due to many different factors and for this reason it is particularly difficult to solve. But there are some tips you can follow to try to partially solve this problem. 

So if you too are tired of the problems of buffering on Kodi and you want to try at least to solve them, follow these guidelines!

As anticipated, I can not guarantee that you will be able to eliminate buffering on Kodi, but surely you will be able to improve the situation. Your movies, videos and TV series streamed on Kodi will be much better!

Buffering problem with Kodi and IPTV for free

I remember however that almost always the problems of buffering on Kodi are related to the source that transmits the video, which often limits the transmission band of the file to offer the service to as many users as possible.

A low bandwidth obviously translates into buffering (continuous loading of the video) and these problems occur especially when you try to watch IPTV and digital television and satellite streaming for free. 

So if you also have a lot of buffering problems when you try watching television or streaming games with Kodi, not necessarily the problem is your PC or your internet connection, but it could be due to the source, which limits the transfer speed of the video and it makes blocking and slowing down playback on your Kodi.

However, even if you use Kodi to watch IPTV and streaming television, our tips will help you improve or even eliminate buffering. So let’s proceed with the guide!

Goodbye to buffering on Kodi: here’s how

First of all we will go to install the TT Buffer Fix add-on, which in total autonomy will help to improve buffering on Kodi. This is an updated and upgraded version of the old “Easy Advanced Settings” add-on, highly appreciated by users as it actually improves Kodi’s performance.

To install TT Buffer Fix on Kodi, follow these steps:

  1. Start Kodi
  2. Go to SYSTEM> File Manager> Add Source> None
  3. Type this address exactly http://toptutorialsrepo.co.uk/kodi then choose Done
  4. In the box that is immediately below the place where you have just entered the link, enter the name ttr then confirm everything by clicking OK
  5. Return to Kodi’s home
    • SU Kodi 17 Krypton or later: Go to Add-ons> Add-on Browser 
    • ON Kodi 16 or earlier: Go to SYSTEM> Add-Ons
  6. Choose Install from Zip File> ttr> Maintenance> Kodi17BufferingFix.zip and wait for the installation to be confirmed.

If for any reason the text guide was not clear, here is a video that explains step by step how to proceed with the installation of the add-on TT Buffer Fix on Kodi:

Eliminate or improve Buffering in Kodi – Simple and Fast Settings

Now that we have installed this add-on, we need to configure it quickly so that it can act and reduce buffering.

But we must remember that obviously all the TV Boxes, smartphones, tablets and PCs on which Kodi is installed have different characteristics, so you have to go to insert the correct parameters according to the technical characteristics of the device you are using.

Below, to speed up the configuration, I report some of the most common parameters used by users.

Go to Kodi and start the newly installed addon, ie TT Buffer Fix.

Then go to the Edit Settings section and click on Network Settings. Click on Cache.

The 3 settings you need to change on this screen are: memorysize, buffermode, and readfactor.

  1. Change the memorysize value to 419430400
  2. Change the value of buffermode to 1
  3. Change the value readfactor of 4.0

These are the simplest and fastest settings you can change to try to solve the problem of buffering on Kodi.

In theory, even after an initial intervention, the problem should at least improve and, if it does not disappear completely.

If you do not solve anything after changing these parameters, try to continue reading this article, where we will enter a little more specifically and we will try to understand how to best set the individual values.

Lock, delete and improve Buffering in Kodi – Advanced Settings

As anticipated, these parameters will allow you to further customize the installation of the add-on and in theory you should be able to permanently solve the problem of buffering.

Instead of using pre-established values, we will calculate which numbers to insert into the add-on to best configure it. Let’s begin!

Memory Size Value

First of all remember that the size of the memory buffer of your TV Box with Kodi uses 3 times the value you entered previously in the memorysize field. The buffer size is based on how much free RAM you have on your TV Box while Kodi is running.

To find this value, you must:

  1. Go to the Kodi home and then to Settings
  2. Go to the System Information page
  3. In the tab that summarizes the info, note the number that is next to Free Memory and write it somewhere
  4. In the number you write down, try to keep the value slightly lower than what you have detected. To say, if you’ve found 2350mb, use 2200mb in your calculations.
  5. At this point, take the measured value (2200mb in this case) and divide it by 3 (because Kodi will use this value tripled by 3). Then multiply this value by 1024 to convert megabytes (mb) to kilobytes (kb). Multiply again by 1024 to convert kb to bytes, which is the format we need. Write the number obtained somewhere. For example, if you started with a value of 2200mb, you will get a final value of 768,955,733.
  6. Now go back to the add-on TT Buffer Fix, go to Edit Settings and click on Network Settings. Then click on Cache
  7. Here you have to enter in the memorysize field the calculated value just above (768955733 in our case)
  8. Then put the buffermode values on 1 and readfactor on 4.0
  9. Save everything and restart your TV Box with Kodi
  10. Test your configuration and check if you have solved or eliminated the buffering problem.

As already mentioned, in 99% of cases this configuration will solve the problem.

If the problem is due to the IPTV list you are using, which is free, used by thousands of users and already slow, in this case you will not be able to do anything to fix the buffering problems if you do not change IPTV list.

However, try this guide and let us know if it worked or not in your case. Have you solved your buffering problems with Kodi?

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