Guide on How to make Video Calls using Instagram

Video calls on Instagram: How to do them and how to activate the function

Recently, there is a feature that is almost hidden on Instagram, that is the ability to make video calls using the well-known social network to share photos. Yes, because there is more and more convergence between all the apps of Facebook Inc. that between Facebook, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Instragram brings many of the news in all its apps.

Here to enable and make video calls on Instagram you must have the latest version installed on your Android or iOS device:

Now let’s see how to make video calls on Instagram.

How to activate and use Video Calls on Instagram

Once installed the latest version of Instagram for Android and iOS click on the icon Direct Messages on the top left ( Icon in the form of an airplane ):
Then we look for the person we want to video call and start a new Chat by clicking on the + button at the top right.

Now if you have the function enabled, the video call icon will always appear at the top left to start a video call with our Instagram follower.

In call you will have the classic functions to enable or disable the microphone and the camera, increase or reduce the size of the window and then rotate the camera from front to back.

What if I do not have the video call icon? Here’s how to enable it.

Enable Video Calls on Instagram

It may happen that the video call button is not enabled is sufficient to contact, Videocall, by a friend who already has the function unlocked and you’re done. In doing so you will also have the video call activated on Instagram.

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