How to Download Free Photos From Getty Images

New day, new super guide for Teknologya readers.

What I propose to you today is a real gem, which I have discovered almost casually by shooting on the internet, but that, I am sure, will come in handy for many users.

Today we will go to see how to download free photos and images from Getty Images. 

Yes, it’s all true: there is a totally free website, without registration and with very little advertising that allows you to download photos from Getty Images for free. 

It seemed incredible to me, since in the past I tried many alternative services and none of these had ever worked.

I looked for alternative solutions on the internet to download free photos from Getty Images, but until today I had never found anything. And then suddenly I come across a very simple and very light website that allows you to download in one click any photo or image present on Getty Images. 

We do not waste time in vain: if you want to download photos and images for free from Getty Images without logos or watermarks, I’ll explain how to do it later.

Download all the photos you want from Getty Images for free

Here are the simple directions that you must follow:

  • First of all, go to this fantastic site:
  • Log in by entering this information:

– Email: [email protected]

– Password: demo

  • Choose “Getty Images” in the menu
  • On the page that opens, paste the link of the photo you want to download free from Getty Images and click on “Search” (ES:
  • Wait a moment. The search will be completed but you will NOT see a preview of the photo/image you want to download free from Getty Images, you have to go in confidence🙂
  • When it appears, click on the “Download” button to download it in JPG format and without logo, watermark and watermark
  • Here you downloaded your free photo from Getty Images. Repeat the operation with all the other photos you want to download for free from Getty Images.


We have finished with this article.

I’m sure you managed to reach your goal, that is to download free photos from Getty Images without logo, watermark or watermark. 

In case of doubts, questions or problems, leave a comment at the end of the article and we will help you as soon as possible.

See you next time!

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