If you’re wondering how to remove Windows 10 boot password, I might be able to help. Every time you turn on the computer, you must enter the same secret word to access your account. This is excellent for security purposes. However, if your PC is not used by other people, you might want to avoid logging in to not repeat it all the time. Well, if that’s what you’re trying to do, I can tell you that there are several ways to solve this. By reading this guide, you can get to know them all.

How to remove Windows 10 boot password

How to remove Windows 10 boot password 1

As I told you, there are different methods to remove Windows 10 boot password. You must first decide if you want to use a password for all other system and network services, or not. Using a password and automatically logging in may, in fact, be useful for several purposes, not just to protect access to the account. For example, I’m talking about network functions and system security. Removing the password for all services, however, could make your PC vulnerable, not just access.

In any case, below I have prepared both solutions. You can continue reading by following the procedure you need.

How to remove the password from Windows 10

How to remove Windows 10 boot password 2

If you think that you do not need a secret word for your PC, not even for other services, you will wonder how to remove Windows 10 boot password permanently. You can do it in a moment. First of all, you must follow the path. This will bring up the menu with the entries PasswordPIN and Graphic Password.

At this point, you need to disable any type of login you’ve previously activated. The password, you can remove it very easily. You must click Edit, enter your current password and click Next. Then, in the Change Password screen, you have to click on Next leaving all fields blank. Next, you must select Finish to complete the procedure. Yes, you got it right, it’s like when you have to change Windows 10 password.

The PIN, you can delete it by double-clicking the Remove button, typing the current password and choosing Ok.

The graphic password, however, you can delete it by clicking Remove. If necessary, follow the wizard and complete it to make the changes.

Automatic login Windows 10

How to remove Windows 10 boot password

The automatic login is the best option when you wonder how to remove Windows 10 boot password. In practice, it allows you to store login credentials, so the system does not continue to ask you every time you start or restart your computer.

To activate automatic login Windows 10, first you must perform the combination  Windows key + R. Then you have to type the following command and press Enter :


The User Account menu will appear. You have to click with a click on the username you are using. Then, you must disable the option. To use this computer, the user must enter the username and password and click Apply. Once this is done, you must enter the password for the last time in the Password and Confirm password fields. Finally, you must choose Ok to complete the operation.

You just have to go back in menu Start > Settings > Account, choose Access options and set the option to Require access to Never. In this way, you will not be asked for the password even when the PC goes into standby or suspension.

After explaining how to remove Windows 10 boot password, I remind you that by activating the automatic login, the passwords in the registry are not encrypted. This means that those who access the computer, if they go to the Registry, can know the password you are using. Unfortunately, this is the safest method to solve the situation.


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