Sometimes we need to protect a word document with a password, to be more confident that it is not read by anyone or because we care about our privacy. If you did and now you do not know how to remove it, let’s see how to remove it.

The way to do it is really simple but, of course, requires that you already know the password of the document because you have to open it.

If the document is already open to delete the password you will not be asked to reinsert it and you can do it even if you do not know it.

Word 2016 info

Having made this small premise, let’s see how:

  • First you have to open the document and enter the password to show the contents;
  • Click on the File tab;
  • Go to  Information and then to  Protect Document ;
  • In the drop-down menu that opens, click on  Encrypt with password ;
  • Delete the secret word from the Password box and click ok.

word 2016 encrypt with password

As you can see, it is really easy to remove the password of a Word document, we hope this article has been useful!


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