How to maximize your iPhone X, 8 battery life

In the last year, Apple has been very active in the mobile market with the release of iPhone X, 8 and iOS 11. Despite the progress made during the last few years,  the phones have only one problem in common, that is the battery life. But how do we save battery if we are owners of an iPhone?

Here are 10 simple ways:

1. Check app with high consumption

Before doing any action it is essential to know which applications are consuming the battery without our knowledge. To do this, just go to ” Settings” and ” Battery” to get a detailed summary of the consumption of each app.

2. Adjust screen brightness

If you have the display turned on for many hours, lowering the brightness of your screen could make you gain valuable hours of use. Furthermore, for the same reason, it may also be useful to deactivate the automatic brightness. We can find both things by following the path: Settings, General, Screen Adjustments.

3. Deactivate Wi-Fi and/or data network and Bluetooth

Depending on whether you are using mobile connectivity or Wi-Fi, turning off the unused connection can take a lot of battery performance without affecting the use of the phone. Likewise, even deactivating Bluetooth can boost the life of your battery. To deactivate these settings, simply go to ” Settings” to find all three of them at the top of the list.

4. Set the silent profile

If you are perpetually harassed by notifications of all kinds set the silent profile could give you a help to get to dinner without having to recharge your phone. This is the simplest tip ever to be implemented as you just have to slide the button at the top on the left side of your iPhone.

5. Deactivate the location

Many applications use localization without our knowledge, consuming much more battery than they actually require. From point 1 you will already have an idea of what these applications are. Going to Settings ” you will find the item  ” Privacy “ and ” Location “,  which will allow you to disable the location for single or for each app.

6. Activate energy saving

The iPhone power saving function, at the cost of some services, allows you to considerably extend the life of your battery. To activate it we can continue by going through the usual “Settings” by going to the “Battery” or simply asking your assistant Siri. This function is very invasive, going to turn off Siri, push notifications, app update in the background and visual effects, for this reason, if you do not want to disable all, I will explain how to disable them individually.

7. Siri

The well-known assistant present on the iPhone by starting from the 4s model is certainly a quality service, but often it prefers manual action and relegates it to a simple battery draining service. If this is your case, just disable the  “Hey Siri” service that you can find in the “Siri” item in the “Settings”.

8. Push notifications

If you have noticed in point 1 that applications you rarely use consume more battery than you thought, this option can be very useful. Under  “Notifications ” in “Settings” you will find a way to disable it for every single app. The most commonly used app that consumes the battery very quickly with this active option is usually Facebook. If you are willing to stop receiving Facebook notifications, I strongly recommend that you disable this feature.

9. Update app in the background

By default, every application we update automatically as soon as possible, consuming battery and precious data. Deactivating this setting may be essential especially if you have many applications. Disabling it is simple: under  “General” in “Settings”  just disable “Update app in the background” to avoid automatic updates but still have the ability to provide through manual updates.

10. Visual effects

The last “trick” I recommend to save battery is the deactivation of the visual effects of transparency and movement. These seemingly harmless services could consume more battery than we think, so if you have not yet solved your problems, you could try this last desperate weapon. We find both the entries “Reduce Movement” and  “Reduce Transparency”  to the path: Settings, General, Accessibility.


These 10 fast methods should, more or less, solve any of your battery life problems. If not, the problem is probably to be found in the battery itself rather than in some app drains the battery. In the latter case, I recommend replacing it given the ridiculous cost if put in relation to that of any of the iPhone on the market.

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