How to see who views your Facebook videos

Curiosity, on social media, is really something out of the ordinary. We would all like to  know who see us on Facebook, who spies on Instagram or if there is someone who scours our jokes on Twitter. Facebook has always adopted this practice. For example, only in some cases you can see who is viewing Facebook videos.

The videos are among the few contents on which Facebook provides its data. If you want to know how you can extract this information, however, you will have to put in place some tricks that will allow you to access the statistics of the social network. Thus, you will also be able to find out who the curiosones are that follow you with great interest. The statistics are not always immediately accessible, but you will have to go and get them personally. A fatigue, however, that could be repaid with unexpected results: thanks to video statistics.

How to see who views Facebook videos

To see who views Facebook videos with iPhone, Android or PC, first you have to start from the basics. You must know that Facebook videos are available in three different ways: as “normal” posts, as Stories and as direct. Depending on how we publish, we may have more or less information about who is viewing Facebook videos. In short, it will be up to you to choose the best form to get all the data and statistics you want.

All you need is a movie to post on your profile and a few minutes of patience. You have to wait for your friends to start seeing what you’ve posted. Ready? So let’s find out who shows Facebook videos together.



If you want to see who sees Facebook videos in posts, you should know that, beyond the number of likes and comments, for the time being, Facebook does not provide any statistics on the views. They make no difference to videos, “treated” by Facebook in the same way as any other content and left, therefore, without any visible data. This, unless you decide to publish the post on a page or to sponsor it.

In case of sharing as a company profile, in fact, you will have access to advanced statistics. Thanks to them, you could just know who is viewing Facebook videos. Of course, you could not directly read the names of the users who saw the movie. However, you would get useful information to identify them (such as the age range, the place they viewed, the average duration of views and much more) and you will understand even if and why your video worked or not.


In case I asked you how to see who displays Facebook videos in the Stories, you have much more information in your favor. You can even find out the names of the friends who viewed them.

So, just press the stylized eye icon and wait a few moments to load the list of those who view the stories. Below the 50 views, the names will be sorted chronologically. Once this threshold is exceeded, the positioning of the names in the list will be decided by the algorithm based on various factors.


Similar speech in case you want to see who is viewing Facebook videos in Direct. As seen in the case of the Stories, in fact, the videos of the live give access to advanced statistics, with lots of live people and usernames.

During the live Facebook video, you can read the names of those who are following you as soon as they connect to your stream. Instead, to find out who is viewing the live stream on Facebook, just press the icon Your viewers and wait for the window to open with a list of all users who are watching at that precise moment.

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