You can check someone’s Instagram account to spy on him/her and know what she/he’s looking for and who’s writing. Here’s how, even with apps.

Instagram is one of the most used platforms of the moment, especially from the younger portion of users. 
Seeing a boyfriend/girlfriend, but also a son/daughter, always bent on the smartphone could be a strong temptation to spy on what he/she does, with whom he/she exchanges messages, which photos he looks at and whom he likes.

Because of the increasing attention to security, checking someone else’s Instagram account is not a simple task. This does not mean however that it is impossible, indeed, we think that today we can find out where a person is through geolocation but also spying on a phone without GPS.

Before starting this guide, remember that spying on conversations and stealing private data from others is a violation of privacy, therefore a crime, even if done with good intentions. It is therefore necessary to carefully evaluate the choice of hacking an account that is not their own: sometimes asking for explanations is much quicker and more effective.

That said, let’s see together what are the best ways to read someone else’s messages in secret and see everything they do on Instagram.

Spying on Instagram with your smartphone

It is much easier to proceed if you have access to the smartphone of the person concerned.

In case you could use it for a fair amount of time, the best solution is obviously to use your device to go on the social and spy it directly from there: the chances that it is already logged are very high.

If time was not enough and you were in a hurry, you can use another system. Going to the login page of Instagram, even from PC, you must enter the name of the account to spy and then click on the writing Forgot your password?, which will open a new page. 
Here you can fill in the field that requires the person’s phone number and give the ok at the right time, when you have the smartphone handy for a couple of minutes. 
It would be good to silence the phone temporarily if the spy is nearby and then delete the sms with the data sent by Instagram.

Warning: you will be forced to change your password, which may make suspicious users suspicious that they do not forget this kind of information. If the account does not belong to a forgetful, perhaps it is appropriate to try something different.

Instagram spy app

There are other ways to spy on someone on Instagram, but to do this you need to hack your account and the consequences, as mentioned above, could be extremely serious. 
However, there is an app called TheTruthSpy that can be installed on someone’s smartphone to keep track of their chat conversations, shared images and pages visited. 
To use it, after installing it you need to create an account, then remember to hide the application by deleting the icon from the home so that the person does not notice.

You will then have to make a new app download from the Store (it is available for both Android and iOS) on your mobile device or access the PC site with the account already created to know all the activities carried out on the social by the other person.

Another application to try to achieve the same purpose is GuestSpy, the only one of the proposed solutions that does not require access to the smartphone of the person concerned. The app, which after two days of free trial costs from $20.99 per month, can be downloaded directly to your phone. Just follow the instructions to install it remotely on the phone to be checked.

Once you have done these steps, the operation will be very similar to that of TheTruthSpy, but in addition to spying on the actions of others you can also get the password and use your account.


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