Here’s how to find your partners or friend location in iPhone or Android phone.

Finding your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s phone is a way to secretly spy on his movements and the worst nightmare for those who care about his privacy. However, controlling someone’s device via GPS is not only useful for those who want to find out if the partner betrays him or tells lies, but can also have legitimate purposes. We think, for example, a parent who wants to keep track of the movements of his underage son for fear that he is in dangerous situations (read How to check your child’s phone on Android and iPhone ), or the eventuality in which you want to track down a stolen phone and thus follow the movements of the thief.

Most of today’s smartphones have GPS-based location services among basic functions. These allow the phone to know its location so you can use maps and other apps that support geolocation. We will use these services to control an iPhone and find out where it is, without the other noticing it.

How to spy on an iPhone with geolocation

Who wants to locate an iPhone has two official and effective ways: Find iPhone and Find friends. Both services are already installed on the iPhone, but to make sure they work they must be enabled.

Find iPhone

To track the phone of others with the Apple localization service you need to know the username and password of the Apple ID of the boyfriend/to be monitored. Furthermore, remote localization and GPS must be activated on the device to be controlled.

Go to Settings and press on the iCloud account name, then click on iCloud and check that Yes is on My iPhone. Then activate the location on the iPhone to be monitored by going to Settings> Privacy> localization and move the lever to the right, making it green. At this point you have to go to the iCloud site, log in with the Apple credentials of the account connected to the device to be located. Here a map will appear and you will be able to know in real time where the person we are looking for is.

Find Friends

Also to know where a person is via his iPhone with the Find Friends app the phone to be monitored must have activated the location. To use this service, however, you should take your phone (presumably secretly), press Add and enter your email address, then press Send. You can choose to share your geographical location for 1 hour, until the end of the day or forever. Alternatively, you can send a request to view its position “in the light of the sun”. Just select your name or email address from the start screen of Find My Friends, press Ask and then OK.

App to spy on iPhone and Android position

On the app stores there are many monitoring applications that use the geolocation of the phone. Some are true unsafe and unreliable source spy apps, but we find several software that fit our needs. 
Among these we find:

  • Phone Tracker, which in the premium version ($4.49) allows you to locate and follow another iPhone and see its movements during the previous 72 hours;
  • TheOneSpy cell phone trackerTheOneSpy is an ultimate cell phone & computer spy software offers amazing spying features to monitor any Android device remotely.. Just install TheOneSpy app on your targeted cell phone and tablet device to keep an eye on its all activities including Live GPS tracking, and route map history of the targeted user. TheOneSpy use to monitor kids GPS location and protect their privacy remotely. The application/software is a paid software developed to keep track of the employees and kids cell phones and computer activities. Monthly license will cost your $18 to $55 with premier tracking and spying features.
  • Family Locator by Life360, accurate and effective free GPS tracker that allows you to track down a lost or stolen phone, see the movement of group members in real time and stay updated with notifications and alerts;
  • Safe24, with which to create circles to know where they are friends and family, monitor the battery level of their smartphone, trace the lost or stolen phone and view, of course, the exact position on the map;
  • Prey, which allows you to locate up to 3 devices at the same time. The app to work must be installed on the device you want to track, but there is a twist to “keep it hidden”: just click on the item Toggle camouflage so as to change the icon, or avoid uninstalling the app, going up Settings> General> Restrictions> Enable Restrictions and enter a 4-digit pin of your choice, then disable App Delete.
  • Lookout: Security and Identity Theft Protection, free iPhone app or subscription for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.


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