How do you check your child’s phone? The methods change if you use Android or iPhone.

If you want to check your child’s phone, you must know that there are many different methods. You can use external apps, or connect the phone to multiple accounts. Parental control changes if you use an Android smartphone or an iPhone.

In light of these novelties it is obvious that a parent wants to try to protect the child from the bad guys and, even more, from himself. For this reason, knowing how to control your child’s phone using your device is very useful.

Parental control with Android

How do I check your child’s phone with an Android device? There are more methods to do this, the first is that inherent in the operating system that allows the user to create more than one account for one device.

To create the additional profile, simply go to Settings > Users. Then select Add User. Once you have created the new account, all you have to do is access it and select all the limitations you want to protect your child.

You can also enter the limitations within the Play Store, so your child will not be able to download anything he wants. Simply go to the menu and select Parental Control.

As for the control of the phone through external applications, you can search the Play Store for a simple App Locker: this function will allow you to set a password for each instrument of your device. In this way, if your child tries to access the phone settings, he/she would have to enter a password and could not change the limitations you have already set.

Entering specifically there are also applications downloadable from the Play Store designed specifically to monitor your child’s phone: the most famous is Kids Space.

This application allows the device to be totally controlled and will let you choose which applications your child can see on the phone and then use.

Parental control with iPhone

Activating parental control on the iPhone or iPad is much simpler than Android, in fact, just go to Settings > General > Restrictions and select Enable Restrictions.

At this point you will have to check every single application you do not want your child to be able to open. You will be asked to set a password so that only you can access certain phone features.

On the restrictions section you will find all the applications of your iPhone, from those integrated to external ones and in this way you will be able to prevent your child from accessing the App Store, iTunes and all the applications from which you can make purchases or download programs.


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