How to solve the Epic Games Launcher installation problem

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Solving the Epic Games launcher problem is not a simple task. The game client tends to give serious errors in the installation process, preventing the user from running it on his Windows PC again. However, there are ways to fix the bug, some less and some more radical. See how to solve the Epic Games launcher problem.

Epic Games Store

How to solve the Epic Games installation problem

The Epic Games Store launcher doesn’t always work as it should. For some reason, the installation package may have problems during the process on Windows 10 (the macOS version seems immune), displaying the message “There is a problem with this Windows Installer package”.

Luckily, Microsoft has a dedicated tool to deal with third-party programs that insist on not being installed: called “Troubleshooting Installation and Uninstalling Programs” (a great name, typical of Microsoft), it is a self-executing (not needs to be installed to work) that scans the system for errors, which may be preventing software from being installed or removed.

To resolve the Epic Games Launcher installation problem, do the following:

  1. Go to and download the tool;
  2. Open it and click “Next”;
  3. On the next screen, click on “Installing” or “Uninstalling”, depending on the case;
  4. From the list, select “Epic Games Launcher” and click “Next”;
  5. Click “Yes, try to uninstall”.

Once this is done, the Program Installation and Uninstallation Troubleshooting will perform a forced cleaning and completely remove the old software, allowing you to install the Epic Games Store launcher again.

If the method doesn’t work

The Epic Games Store launcher is notoriously problematic (Epic Games has made little or no effort to fix bugs) and even this method, by far the most guaranteed, may not fix the problem. If this happens, there are some alternative steps that may allow you to install the program again on the PC.

  1. Use registry cleaning programs (CCleaner, etc.) and run
    the Troubleshooting Install and Uninstall Programs again;
  2. Restore Windows 10 back to a point before removing the previous launcher installation;
  3. Do a fresh clean install of Windows 10.

As a radical option, the clean installation should only be used as a last resort, when all else fails.