How to restore Windows 10 without losing data

How to restore Windows 10 without losing data, often with our PCs we are faced with the drastic choice if to format our computer. We often take a long time to decide whether to do this or not. The main fear is not to lose all the data on our computer.

Window, it took us a few years, but finally managed to insert in its operating system a way to format Windows 10 without losing the data on our computer. Whether they are documents, mp3 or video.

Just use the simple guide that follows to reset your PC without losing any data. However, you should know that it is also possible to format Windows 10 and bring it back as it leaves the factory, ie as new.

With the new Windows 10, you no longer need to get your hands in the bios like you did a few years ago, or to put copies of our operating system on disk. Windows made everything easier. Let’s see how.

How to restore Windows 10 without losing data

1. Open the settings by clicking on the Start menu > Windows Settings  is a gear icon in the left pane.

2. Click on the update and security button .

3. Click on the restore option available in the left panel.

4. Click the button to start at the top of the menu on the right panel.

5. Choosing whether you want to keep all the files on your computer is like making a backup so you do not lose all the files on your PC.

Or to erase everything and bring the computer back as you leave the factory. Thus deleting all the data. In this case it is not recommended.

In conclusion, this is all you need to reset the Windows 10 operating system without losing any files on your PC.

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