How to speed up an iPhone

It may happen that even our faithful and reliable iPhone can give signs of failure. An update containing bugs can slow down our device. Also, if it is a somewhat old-fashioned device, it may happen that due to an update of iOS it may suffer some side effect. Obviously nobody likes to use a device that is blocked or has slowdowns. However, there are some tricks that allow us to speed up an iPhone .

Let’s see what they are and how to make the most of them.

Speed up the iPhone: procedure

As we said before, there are some tricks that allow us to speed up an iPhone that is showing signs of failure.

Turn off app update in the background

This is a function that constantly updates apps in the background . Surely it is a very convenient function, but it requires a continuous effort of the system, with consequent slowdowns.

So if you notice any slowdown it is advisable to deactivate it. The procedure is really very simple. First of all, let’s go to Settings and select the General section . At this point, select Update app in the background and deactivate the update option.

Turn off the parallax effect

The effects visual impact heavily on the performance of our device, such as the parallax effect of icons. To remove these effects just go to Settings and select the General section . Click on the Accessibility section and select the Reduce movement option . At this point we enable the option by setting the toggle to On.

Turn off Siri’s suggestions

It is a very useful function that helps us a lot in everyday use. But like background updates, it also needs to keep the device under strain. So it is advisable to deactivate it.

To do this, go to Settings and select the Siri and Search section . At this point we deactivate the options Spotlight Suggestions and Search Suggestions .

Free up storage space

The space storage has a strong influence on the performance of our device. In fact it is advisable to always leave a good 10% free so that the device does not suffer any kind of slowdown. Therefore, storage space is essential for the execution of some system features, such as cache management.
To check the available memory just go to Settings and select the General sectionAt this point we can enter into the free space section of iPhone. In the new screen we are shown the free storage space. In addition, we have suggested options to be able to eliminate the occupied space unnecessarily.

Turn off transparency

The transparency and blur effects are a feature of iOS interface, but limited impact on performance. So it is advisable to disable them to improve the performance of our device. To do this, go to Settings and select the General section. Having done this, let’s move to the Accessibility section and in Increase Contrast enable the Reduce Transparency option.

Use backgrounds without perspective

The Perspective function for backgrounds requires greater use of internal memory. So the advice we give you is to use simple backgrounds, avoiding the perspective effect or dynamic backgrounds.


As we have seen, these are simple tricks that allow us to speed up our iPhone that is accusing some shots. Obviously, these are simple “tips” and not miracles that will completely resurrect your old device.

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