Restore iPhone without iTunes

Our iPhone does not behave like it was a long time ago and we would like to bring it back to the golden age? Many times, performing a restore can give life to our somewhat old-fashioned iPhone, which is now blaming the weather.

The traditional procedure of recovery is done with iTunes, the software for Windows PC and Mac. However, we can restore iPhone without iTunes, using other methods that we will see in this article.

Before starting

We must take some precautions before proceeding with the restoration of our device.

Make backups

Before proceeding with the recovery procedure, it is a good idea to back up all our data. In this way, once the procedure is complete, we will be able to recover all our data, such as apps, photos, videos and more.


Turn off Find my iPhone

It is essential to disable the anti-theft function Find my iPhone, because, if enabled, does not allow us to proceed with the reset of the smartphone.

  1. Let’s go into the Settings;
  2. Select the username;
  3. Then select the iCloud voice;
  4. At this point select the Find my iPhone option;
  5. Turn it off by moving the toggle to Off.


So let’s see how to do both restore procedures with our iPhone.

Complete recovery

Let’s see how to restore iPhone without iTunes, acting directly from our smartphone. This procedure allows us to completely restore our iPhone, thus eliminating apps, photos, videos and restoring all settings.

Let’s see how to do together.

  1. Open the Settings;
  2. Enter the General section;
  3. Select the Restore item ;
  4. At this point, select the Reset content and settings option;
  5. Put the unlock code of our iPhone;
  6. Select Reset iPhone;
  7. Enter the password of our Apple ID;
  8. Finally select Reset.

Once this is done, the reset procedure of our iPhone will begin. Once completed, we will be able to recover all data by restoring the most recent backup.

Partial restoration

This procedure allows us to restore only some settings of our smartphone. Instead of doing a full restore, we can perform one of the following partial restores, which will be used to solve some problems that we will see below.

  1. Open the Settings;
  2. Enter into the General section;
  3. Select the Restore item.

At this point we will be faced with a series of options.

  • Reset settings: to restore all the settings of iOS, omitting contents such as photos, videos, apps, etc.
  • Reset network settings: restore the settings related to networks, both Wi-Fi and data connection.
  • Reset Keyboard Dictionary: Resets the keyboard and its dictionary settings.
  • Restore Home layout: to restore the layout of our Home, arranging the icons in alphabetical order.
  • Restore location and privacy: allows you to restore the settings related to privacy and location.

Just select the option we want to solve the specific problem that our iPhone suffers from.


Restoring iPhone without iTunes is really a breeze. The procedure that we must follow is made of a few simple steps.

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