Huawei, goodbye notch: the full-screen smartphone is reality

Huawei is ready to launch a smartphone full-screen and without notch, with in-display camera: a device that could change the face of the top of the range.

Huawei says goodbye to the notch? According to the latest rumors, and a photo leaked on the social network Weibo, the future smartphone of the Chinese house may be full-screen and arrive sooner than we think.

The notch is a component that undoubtedly divides users: from the latest iPhone Xs and XR, which adopt a fairly cumbersome, to ‘One Plus 6T, which covers it in a drop, up to Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 that hide it, all mobile phone manufacturers seem to be moving towards the gradual elimination of the cleat.

Having a smartphone with a screen that fills the entire front, without any interruption given by the notch or the frames, could really change the fate of the market.

Huawei beats Samsung

We know very little about the new smartphone in question: from the concept shared in these hours we can see a rectangular silhouette, with an elongated shape that suggests significant dimensions (perhaps similar to those of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 ) and a single hole in the left side, in all probability corresponding to the camera.

Camera that, in this case, would be in-display: that is, positioned “below” the screen, a technology that had been presented by Samsung some time ago, with an expected arrival for 2019 and 2020. Now the South Korean house seems having been beaten by rival Huawei, who would work on this prototype in secret ready for launch next month, in December.

This would be a blow to Samsung, which could be put on the corner for the exclusive of its Infinity-O(this is the name of the full-screen smartphone announced before Huawei).

A challenge with features, which puts on the sacrificial altar the notch (perhaps intended for retirement earlier than expected). An in-display camera system would further thin the edges of future smartphones, allowing you to position the front camera better and gain a much more accurate design.

According to analysts, the new Huawei smartphone will belong to the average user segment and could initially be commercialized only in China. Huawei would have the opportunity to study the trend of the new device, and the response of the public, to further develop this technology in preparation for the launch of the new P30 line (direct successors of the already excellent P20) scheduled for next spring.

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