Apple officially unveiled iOS 12, the 12th version of its mobile operating system, exactly on June 4, 2018 while it was publicly released on September 17. The new iteration of the OS is compatible with different devices including the old iPhone 5S or the second generation iPad mini. In this article today we will talk in depth about how to improve the iPhone battery on iOS 12 by following some practical tips.

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Identify the apps you use most

If you notice that your iPhone’s battery drops abnormally, then you need to find out which app or which applications are causing it. To do so, simply access the settings of your iOS (pressing icon gear that you find in the home screen) and press on battery.

Here you can access some very interesting statistics that allow you to see which are the applications that most use the battery in the background or those that you actively use. Using the Show Activity/Show Battery Usage button, you can find out the percentage of battery usage and total usage time and in the background.

Force applications to close when they are not needed

Another piece of advice we give you to improve the battery life of the iPhone on iOS 12 is to close all those applications you do not need. To do this, access multitasking (by swiping from bottom to center), locate the relevant software card and swipe up.

Disable automatic downloads and updates

When you download an app, a piece of music, or an update to an iOS device, they are automatically downloaded to the other iDevices connected to the same Apple ID. So to save battery, we recommend that you disable these options. To do this, go to Settings and press the iTunes and App Store menu. From the screen that appears, simply turn off the Music switch, Apps and Updates.

Turn off app updates in the background

One of the most useful features in iOS 12 is the ability to update apps in the background without you doing anything. However, this feature may not be advantageous for all applications. So, if you want to disable it, just open the settings of iOS as indicated earlier, press on General, tap on Background app refresh and bring to OFF the switch at this Update app in the background or the one of the applications that are in list.

Enable notifications only for some apps

The next suggestion that we give you is to activate the reception of notifications only for the apps that you consider indispensable. Proceed by entering the Settings, choose Notifications and for every unwanted application uncheck Lock screenNotification Center, and Banner, and if you want to bring on OFF switches present at Sounds and Badges.

Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use

We continue to find out how to improve the battery life of the iPhone on iOS 12 with another great tip, ie turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when there is no need. To do this, simply access the Settings, press on Wi-Fi and then on the switch in correspondence of the Wi-Fi option and on Bluetooth and then on the Bluetooth toggle.

It must be noted that to disable both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi it is not enough to press on the icons in the Control Center as this operation only goes to disconnect the iPhone from a wireless network or from a connected device.

Turn off some display features

As for the screen, to extend the autonomy of your iPhone, you can turn off the automatic brightness and adjust it manually using the appropriate slider (accessible in the Control Center ).

Another suggestion that we recommend is to disable the True Tone mode that is not essential if you are not working on a graphic project. To do this, simply access the Control Center, press and hold on the brightness slider and tap once on the True Tone Active icon. Alternatively, access the Settings, choose Screen and brightness and turn OFF the switch corresponding to the True Tone item (in the Brightness section ).

Another thing to do is to minimize the automatic screen lock time. To do this, choose the Automatic lock option found in Screen and brightness and set a favorite timer between 2, 5, 10 or 15 minutes. Finally, disable the Raise function to activate because you do not always want to have the screen activated when you lift the iPhone. This option is always in Screen and brightness.

Activate the Low quality mode for iMessage images

The official Apple application has an interesting feature that allows you to reduce the consumption of data (and therefore increase the autonomy) in case you share or receive many images. To do this, go the menu Messages of settings and switch to low-quality images by pressing on the switch.

Disable automatic recovery of new data

We continue to talk about how to improve the battery life of the iPhone on iOS 12 by turning off the option that allows the iPhone to connect frequently to the Internet to look for new data to download (eg e-mail and messages). To proceed with deactivation, simply enter the Settings, choose Password and account, tap on Download new data and manually set the Download option.

If you really can not do without this feature, choose the options Every HourEvery 30 minutes or Every 15 minutes instead of Automatically. In addition to this, turn off the automatic downloading of new e-mails, messages on iCloud, and so on by turning OFF the Push switch.

Activate the energy saving mode

Continuing, we advise you to activate the power saving mode that goes to disable various features of your iPhone as automatic downloads, the app update in the background, reduces visual effects and much more. To do this, access the Battery Settings menu and turn the power saving switch to OFF.

Disable localization

Keeping GPS active means consuming a lot of energy. So, the advice we give you is to enable location services only when you really need them. To disable them, simply go to Settings, press Privacy, tap on Location and move the Location switch to OFF.

Update the iPhone to the latest version of iOS

The penultimate advice that we bring you to try to increase the autonomy is to update the iPhone to the latest available version of the operating system. Apple, in fact, with the new releases, fixes bugs and problems that could affect the consumption of the battery. To check for any update will just go into Settings, choose General, and press on Update software. In case of a new version of iOS, proceed with the download and subsequent installation.

Perform a reset

We close this guide by proposing as a last resort the restoration to factory settings in case the solutions seen a short time ago had not brought any effect. In this case, we advise you to follow the instructions of our guide on how to restore the iPhone.


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