How to increase font size in Safari on iPhone

Although now many websites are optimized for use from smartphones and tablets, it still happens to be in portals not yet “in step with the times”. That’s why we at Teknologya decided to create a guide to explain specifically how to enlarge the text in Safari on iPhone.


On some Internet portals it is sufficient to enlarge an image or a text through a simple pinch to zoom, or better by pinching the screen with two fingers. Sometimes, however, some sites do not allow you to do so and therefore it is difficult to navigate inside with your iPhone. To increase or decrease the size of a text only on pages visited with Safari (Apple’s popular browser), you need to rely on a small trick.

How to enlarge text in Safari on iPhone

The operation to do is to create a simple bookmark in Safari (inserting any Web address) and then edit the URL with a special Java script that will allow you to enlarge the text of a web page visited.

That said, let’s see the steps to be followed specifically:

  • Grab your iPhone and press the Safari icon on the home screen to start it.
  • In the next step, visit any website (eg our site) and press on the square containing an upward pointing arrow at the top right (to be clear the sharing icon ).
  • At this point, from the screen that appears, scroll through the gray icons and click on Add Bookmark.
  • On the next screen, edit the title with the preferred name (we recommend you enter + or  ) and tap Save to proceed with saving the bookmark.
  • In the next step, you need to change the address of the saved book a little while ago. To do this, always in Safari, click on the book at the top left, choose Edit at the bottom right and tap on the name of the bookmark created a little while ago.
  • Now, click on the address field, tap on the X that appears on the right to delete the content and paste the javascript script : var p = document.getElementsByTagName (‘*’); for (i = 0; i <p.length ; i ++) {if (p [i] .style.fontSize) {var s = parseInt (p [i] .style.fontSize.replace (“px”, “”));} else {var s = 12;} s + = 2; p [i] .style.fontSize = s + “px”} that will turn the bookmark into a button to enlarge the text.
  • To save the changes, press the arrow on the top left so as to go back and tap on End on the bottom right.
  • From now on, whenever you find yourself on a Web page where you can not pinch to zoom to enlarge the text, you can use the special bookmark to perform the operation.

If you also want a button to decrease the key, you have to create a bookmark as indicated a little while ago, assign the desired name (we recommend  or  ) and then replace the URL with the javascript script : var p = document.getElementsByTagName (‘ * ‘); for (i = 0; i <p.length; i ++) {if (p [i] .style.fontSize) {var s = parseInt (p [i] .style.fontSize.replace (“px” , “”));} Else {var s = 12;} s- = 2; p [i] .style.fontSize = s + “px”}.

In case of change of mind, you can delete the bookmarks created by opening Safari, pressing the book icon in the upper left, choosing Edit at the bottom right, tapping on the red circle that appears next to each and confirming pressing on Delete.

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