Instagram not loading stories: how to fix

It may happen that while you are using Instagram, the latter ceases to function and does not load the stories of your following. This problem can have different causes and in this article we will try to analyze all the best, so as to help you solve this annoying complication. If you want to understand why Instagram does not load the stories and how to solve, then make yourself comfortable and read our article!


Instagram bug

As already mentioned in the introduction, there may be several reasons why Instagram does not load stories; for example, a bug may occur, which is a temporary error of the app, which you can solve simply by restarting your smartphone. If this procedure does not solve the problem, open the App Store or Play Store and check if there are any updates regarding the application itself. If there are updates to the app of the famous social network, then you will have to install them and restart the application. In case you do not solve the problem this way, you may try to uninstall and reinstall the application. But do not worry! Your data will be “safe” as saved on Instagram servers.

Instagram down

The cause of the malfunction of the social network may not depend on you at all, Instagram could indeed be down and, in this case, it would be inaccessible to everyone.

To check if Instagram is down or not you can rely on specific portals; among these we recommend You can also use hashtags such as #InstagramDown, to search on other social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook. In fact, in case of general malfunctions, this problem is often referred to by similar hashtags.

Smartphone connectivity

Paying attention to the smartphone’s connectivity? You may not have noticed and not be connected to the Wi-Fi network or the 3G or 4G mobile data connection is not active, better check! It is also possible that your smartphone has momentarily “stuck”. Try turning on the Airplane mode for a few seconds, then deactivate it and try again to start Instagram. If not even in this way the problem were solved, then the cause could be another and you could not do anything about it. In fact it could be a malfunction of your telephone operator. To check this you can always refer to the portal that we have advised before, or DownDetector, on which you can check for reports from other users.

Action blocked

The last cause we will analyze is the possibility of being temporarily blocked by Instagram. In this case, the social network in question may have limited some functions, including the one concerning the visualization of the stories. In case you find yourself in this situation, do not try to mask your IP address! The advice that we feel to give you is simply to bring patience and wait, Instagram will unlock you and make all of its functions accessible again.

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