How to rotate a vertical video to horizontal on iPhone

Very often it happens when you record a video on the iPhone and, only later, realize that it is shotvertically and not horizontally. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by straightening the clip through simple and fast steps. In this guide we will show you how to rotate a video on iPhone.

Rotate a video on iPhone

To rotate a video on iPhone you will need to use the free Apple iMovie app. Once downloaded to your Apple smartphone, you will have to perform simple steps:

  • open the Photos app and look for the video you want to rotate;
  • press the Edit button at the top right, then select the icon with the three dots at the bottom;
  • select the iMovie icon (if it does not appear, tap on More and activate the iMovie switch);
  • at this point you will enter the edit mode of iMovie, where you have to touch the video with two fingers and rotate it in the desired direction;
  • done this, you will simply have to tap OK, in the upper right, to make the changes effective.

Alternatively, on the App Store, there are several completely free apps, able to solve the problem more directly, ie opening the video through the application in question and, after making the change, saving the result. One of these is RFV, a completely free app that does not involve annoying In-App Purchases.

Rotate a video on iMac

If, besides an iPhone, you also have a Mac and want to practice with video editing, you can edit the video of your interest with iMovie for macOS. To do this, just follow a few simple steps:

  • open iMovie on your Mac (it is available on the Mac App Store );
  • import the video to edit in the Application Library;
  • select the newly imported clip;
  • click on the Rotate button;
  • select the desired orientation.

At this point, just export the file by clicking on File, then you have to press on Share and select File, then assigning a name to the document.

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